Activate Growth Plates Subliminal – Maximize Your Bone Growth To Grow Taller – Theta Waves

Grow Taller

Please don’t subliminal videos or take them offline otherwise they will not work (listen online only).

-Say This Sentence Before Beginning To Listen: I am removing thought patterns and core beliefs that prevent me from achieving my goal.

-Loop This Video: Right on video and Loop

-Grow Taller Fast + Affirmations Booster + Remove Limiting Beliefs new subliminal will boost the results and remove your limiting beliefs, but it will not open your growth plates, so keep listening to Open Growth Plates Subliminal too).

-It’s recommended to listen to:
1-Grow Taller At Any Age: Grow taller to 180 cm: B) Grow Taller to 185 cm: C) Grow Taller to 190 cm: is the new frontier that will be providing amazingly efficient and fast results.

We use frequency and energetic programming technology to ensure that we tap directly into your subconscious mind to provide best results.

Hidden positive affirmations easily bypass your conscious resistance and tap into the only level that allows you to create a spectacular chamge – your subconscious mind.

Listen at least twice a day. The more often you listen to recordings, the more you saturate your mind with positive ideas, the faster results you will get.

Listen to recordings UNTIL you get desired results.


I understand what it feels like to have active and open growth plates.
I know how to have active and open growth plates.
My body is stretching.
My body is Lengthening.
I know how to live my daily life with active and open growth plates.
I know it is easy to have active and open growth plates.
My legs are Lengthening.
My legs are stretching.
I know it is possible to have active and open growth plates.
I know it is safe to have active and open growth plates.
My arms are Lengthening.
My arms are stretching.
I have active growth plates.
I have a healthy metabolism.
My body performs well each day.
my growth plates are open.
My body effortlessly grows in height.

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