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Grow Taller

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Hi everyone, this is Yasuko and it’s time

for Massage Monday.Per viewer’s request thisweek I am going to talk about acupressure

points to grow taller. Unfortunately thereis no acupressure point that will guarantee

a height increase becauseour height is affected by the genes from our

parents and even the stress level in our childhood. We grow through puberty when the growth hormone

is increased, then we stop growing.

Of coursethere are exceptions and some people continue

to grow in later years like my friend whojust told me she grew couple centimeters recently

in her 40s.Since the growth hormone is produced in the

pituitary gland in your brain, you can stimulatethe pituitary gland reflex to promote the

production of the growth hormone. These pointsare in the middle of your thumbs and also

in the middle of the big toes. Press thesepoints with the tip of your hooked thumbs

and send energy for growth hormone production.

After you stop growing vertically correcting

the bad posture may be the easiest way toincrease height.When you get older or stressed

out you tend to hunch with rounded shoulders. This will push your head forward and your

height becomes shorter. Instead, open up yourchest and imagine stacking your head on top

of the spine.

This will not just make youtaller, but also uplift your mood, and help

get rid of the neck and shoulder pain.Alsoif you have bow legs or knock knee, straightening

your legs can help increase your height. And. I’m not talking about surgery.

I don’t believe

in surgery unless it’s a matter of life ordeath or it’s absolutely necessary to function

in our daily life.Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next

week. Make it a great week.

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