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are you feeling stressed out not gettingenough sleep well a new study from.Oklahoma State University says it’sstress and sleep have a very complexrelationship well we know that stresscan cause us to lose sleep now we knowthat losing sleep the quantity andquality of sleep that we really need cancause our stress to elevate so what dowe do about it I’ve got some tips tohelp us catch up on those much needed. Z’s let’s start in the bedroom this isyour sleep environment so make sure thatit’s conducive for sleep that meansclear out the clutter turn off the TVturn off the cell phone and keep yourlaptop in the other roomand when it’s time for bed make sure theroom is cool and dark darkness triggersmelatonin and that helps your body torelax and get you into that state whereyou can really get a good night’s sleepalso take a good look at your mattressthis is where you spend a third of yourlife so you want to make sure that it’scomfortable if you’re waking up withaching muscles or a sore back that mightbe the sign that you need a new mattressthe OSU studies showed that people whoslept on a new mattress as opposed toone that was 5 years old or older got abetter night’s sleep so check yourmattress for signs of wear also is yourmatches big enough for you if your honeyis bumping into you at the night in thenight or tossing and turning or yourpooch is pushing you aside you mightwant to upgrade to a queen size or aking size mattresswhat you do during the day will affecthow you sleep at night so you want to besure to be living a healthy lifestyleand that includes watching what you eatinclude a lot of fresh fruits vegetablesand whole grains in your diet exerciseat least 30 minutes a day and get somesunshine every day artificial light caninterfere with sleep so make sure thatyou take some breaks during the day towalk around and get some sunshine avoidcaffeineand alcohol especially three hoursbefore bedtime because both interferewith sleep and don’t need anything tooheavy before bedtime either otherwiseyour body will be busy digesting insteadof settling itself into slumber spendsome time winding down before you go tobed instead of going directly from thecomputer or TV to bed relax by listeningto some soft music or reading a goodbook maybe take a warm bath I have asmall cup of herbal tea get to bed atthe same time each night so that yourbody gets programmed into knowing thatthis is the routine Ayurveda recommendsthat 10:00 p. m. is the ideal bedtime inkeeping with the rhythms of nature irbetta also recommends that we usenatural fabrics like 100% organic cottonin our clothing and in our bedsheetsfollow these tips and you’ll be sleepingsoundly in no time sweet dreamsyou. .

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