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on a daily basis even for 10 or 15minutes the muscles learn to adapt tothat particular movement and they learnhow to relax we have a stretch reflexthat holds us back from stretching toofar if we go too far in this stretch allof a sudden that stretch reflex says ohthat hurts don’t do that you want to goto the point where you have acomfortable stretch but not a painfulstretch I have six top stretches I’dlike to show you today that you canincorporate into your routine and I’vegot Ben my model here who’s going togive us the first demonstration thisfirst one is called a line leg crossoverand for most of us we have a lot oftightness all the way through our lowback and our hips and our glutes andthis really targets your glute musclethere’s several different permutationsfrom that particular stretch so I’mgoing to have been start honest backhere and just come into the light legcrossover it’s in a sit up position I’mjust going to have Ben bring us rightleg over the top now in this firstmovement all we’re going to do is justelevate his down leg and that just cuesyour glutes initially so what we’refeeling right now is that we can feelthat glute and then you can kind ofpoint to the spot where you feel alittle bit of tension just right in theglute right there now we can add to thatload by putting his arm on the inside ofhis knee and actually pushing away andsimultaneously pulling up with this handand the idea and doing the stretching isto stretch the muscle in slightlydifferent planes so we can push away wecan also change the position by bringingthe hand around to the outside of theknee and pulling the knee towards theinside of the chest as if a crossovermove we can add to that by extendingyour upper leg straight up and we get alittle different stretch in a differentload the second stretch is the hipflexor stretch and our hip flexors arelocated in this region when we stretchour hip flexors we have to think wellwhat’s the purpose of doing that wellwhen you’re running you’re obviouslyengaged in hip flexors every time yourknee comes up on each stride in acycling position your hip flexors areengaged all the time ants are very verytight muscles so quite often I seepeople do this incorrectly we want toset this hip flexor stretch by droppingthe down knee at an angle at about 110degrees at the hip and when we do thiswe don’t want to drag that knee back toofar nor arch our back so then I’m goingto ask you just to tuck your pelvisunderneathand as soon as we do that and we pushdown on that knee and actually push downwith a forward heel we’re going to feelthat hip flexor begin to stretch just bydoing this particular movement now wecan add to the stretch by elongating thearm on the down leg so just raise yourarm overhead and we can initiate thatstretch and get a little greater stretchthrough that hip flexor and finally justgive a little bit of lean forward aboutan inch or two inches stop that’s goodright there and now we have a reallyperfect stretch for that hip flexor thisthird stretch is the perfect piriformiship glute stretch big mouthful and itcould be done a lot easier than tryingto say it the starting position for thisstretch I have been with his handsdirectly in front of his shoulders justoutside shoulder width arms straightchest real high and chin high lookingforward try not to arch the lower backthe heel it actually is right in thecrotch and we can we’re going to movethat heel underneath our quad on theopposite leg in just a second so on thefirst part of the stretch you canactually push down on the opposite sideas if pushing down with his hips andactually get a little bit of hip flexorstretch to initiate that the back leg isextended straight out behind with thetoes pointed now I’m going to have youmove your heel underneath your quad bendnow as we do this I’m going to graduallyhave him begin to rotate to this outerside to bring his glute down towards thefloor so he’s going to slowly rotatetowards me keep his arms pretty straightas he’s doing is bringing us glued allthe way down to the floor and then justrotate back up two or three inches soit’s a very slow pulse where you’reactually stretching it through that twoor three inch range where you can feelthe muscles around your hip and thatball joint of your hip begin to stretchand also relaxthis fourth stretch is a partnerhamstring stretch you can also do thisby yourself if you have a large towel ora belt by looping around your heel and.I’ll show you how it’s done I’ve got Melon the ground here and Ben’s going tostretch her when we start this stretchyou want to make sure that to take thetension off your low back you start witha bent knee position you can graduallyextend your down leg but not too fullextension when you’re doing this stretchso we’re going to have Mel lift up herright leg and Bend I’d like you to grabaround her heel Cupp and also to putyour hand on top of her foot sothat her ankles in a dorsiflex positionnow when we’re in in this stretchideally want males likely to be nice andstraight and we can pulse this stretchso we can just ease up just a little biton it and allow her to come back andthen go forward again and we’ll see ifwe can increase your range of motion goahead and push Mel one two three fourfive six relax and Bend you see if wecan just increase that range and I cansee it fairly well we’ve gone to justshy of 90 now to about 110 you’restarting to wiggle a little bit so we’reprobably at the point where if you canfeel a fair amount of discomfort but itdoesn’t hurt this fifth stretch is apartner quad stretch and quite often yousee athletes out on the track beforetheir run or after the run stretchingtheir quad like this and I’m going touse Mel as my support here reaching upgrabbing their leg and pulling their legup well this stretch is primarily thelower part of your quad but it doesn’tput your hip and hip extension so we setthis position up we first thing we wantto do is to make sure Ben pushes hiships forward slightlyokay tux’s pelvis underneath withoutarching his back the second thing isthat Mel has her hand cupped underneath. Ben’s knee and also her hand on his toeswe pull back into hip extension so wemove Ben’s leg back to begin withwithout pulling up on the foot now thesecond phase on this we want to makesure that the knees are pointed straightdown we don’t want the knee to flare out. Mel’s applying pressure with the hand welift up and slowly push the heel intowards the butt and ideally if you’revery flexible in a hip extensionposition we can bring that heel all theway to touch the buttthis last stretch is called the shoulderback lat PEC stretch now if you can saythat you’re going to do it well it hitsthe shoulder muscle the lats which aredown the side the pecs which are infront and also the back so it’s apartner stretch and it’s a great stretchyou’re really going to feel this nicelyall the way through those muscles thatwill give you a nice big stretch throughyour chest which will help youparticularly on the bike and running andfor your freestyle in the water so Melgo ahead and just lightly interlace yourfingers or overlay them put them behindyour neck and you don’t want to pullforward on your neck at all you want tomake sure that she’s looking forward Benyou go ahead and hook up we’re going togo over the top of her arms around thearmpits and then just have beeninterlace his fingers behind the firstpart of this stretch is to pull backgently on her elbows alright and goahead and bend pull back lightly and asshe’s doing this she’s going tobeginning to feel a stretch through herlats and also her her pecs and hershoulders when she’s doing this now thesecond part we can ease up just a littlebit and we’re going to put Mel on therack and just lift straight up now therewe go and then you can keep coming upall right and go ahead and ease up againbut don’t let go now this last one we’rejust going to try to incorporate aslight half twist on this so we’re goingto pull up on the left side and let theright side drop down so go ahead andjust twist and we’re pulling up andgoing to feel it stretch all the waydown in fact you’re going to feel itstretch all the way down to your hipjoint and we’ll go to the other side andagain when we’re doing these stretchesideally if we can do each phase about 90seconds to two minutes and not asquickly as we’re running through theseall six of these stretches can beincorporated into your routine eitherbefore or after your sessions or even atnight if you have time where we relaxingjust to put in these six stretchesyou’re going to find that your range ofmotion is going to be enhanced andhopefully prevent some injuries down theroad. Ohyou.


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