Another Grow Taller 4 Idiots Scammer Exposed

Grow Taller

Big Rob exposing another Grow Taller 4 Idiots Scammer.

‘Andrew’ claims to grow 3 inches in 12 weeks. He doesn’t, he has photo-shopped himself taller (or shorter!) and is using his fake ‘growth’ to try to get people to buy the growtaller4idiots program so he can make money. . . possibly a fair chunk of cash from the video!

Don’t fall for any grow taller scammers or internet scams on youtube!

look I don’t care what the casting agentsays no females about 5:32 okay or tryto make bedrock you’re not like Rob for.God’s sakeunbelievable hi I beg you often slowpace yeah with another video. I’ve been caught off edits and can youbelieve it another scammer so up in thisguy’s case is call himself grew tallerbut andrew is Ravina glorified itsprogram and he’s making the remarkableclaim that he has gained three interestsin 12 weeks that’s the very start andthen if you look look at the bearphotograph closely look at these objectslook at the possession of the camera andlet’s jump to 12 weeks later Ohhis grocery anxious but did you noticesomething he’s left his bags here andall these objects in the exact sameposition the camera’s not moved thelighting is exactly they see him he’sexpecting you to believe that he’sactually grew grew taller that and theonly thing that’s changed is the guy inthe photograph it’s exact samephotograph and in the second photographis basically four shot himself and andstrips himself taller I mean this guy isa scammer it’s trying to fill people andto believe in his grew three inches in12 weeks unbelievable stuff anyway he’sactually promoting this brought off atthis program is one people who visit. Miss video to clip through this linkbecause he’s an affiliate and whathappens when people click that link asthat he gets commission and people buythis product then was worrying for me asthere is get about 200,000 views and asix to one Lake to dislike ratio soquite a lot of people have seeminglybeen filled with us I mean six otherpeople played this video and to me it’san obvious a Photoshop but so seriously200,000 views and let’s see that 1percent of people click through fromthis video so that’s two thousand peoplewho go to the root off I did programpitch and read all the spiel and I sayfrom that two thousand people fivepercent actually buy the product sowhat’s a hundred people so see he’s gota hundred sales from this video know theproduct itself cost forty seven dollarsand a fella it’s I think a 75 percent sothat’s 35 dollars so from that he’s made183 a half thousand dollars from thatone video and it’s a scary video he’sfaking it he’s not actually gravelyanxious and also their fellows for thisget money on the back end so someonebuys us product and say they went on andbought another product from the truth orfor these people whoever dies this guywill also get Commission so it’s quite alucrative video but of course it’s baseda deception so that’s another case in of someone using root over adecent promoter and scamming people andtrying to fill and fake them and tobelieve in the nationally growing tallerand all I’m doing is photoshoppingthemselves taller be careful of theirnew tube because there are lots ofpeople I guess want your money and willdo anything necessary to get it thanksfor watching keep walking tall and don’tfall for the chumps. .

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