At What Age Do Men Stop Growing and What Can Be Done?

We’ve done the studies and the results are in at what age do men stop growing. Usually, the answer is “far sooner than you’d like” and normally this means by the end of puberty. Most guys will have a pretty good idea of their full adult height and size by the age of 16. And as we always say this is a generalization and everyone is different but there are some key things which are the same for everyone.

By default, if you don’t do anything about it you will stop growing. In fact (as we all know) you only get shorter the older you get. Normally that is. I was the tiniest kid in my class back when I was in school and these days I’m a little over 6’5 (which is way over the average here) and no signs of slowing down yet!

You can see what I did and learn how to grow taller here.

So at what age do men stop growing and have to do something about it?

Well the sooner you start, the better. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this at a young age you have an advantage on the rest of us. That’s not to say that you can’t work on your height later on. Heck, I have specific guides on how to grow taller after 25 (which is exactly what I did). But the sooner you get started the easier it is to grow taller.

If we look at the average height of people over the last 200 years:

History of Height

at what age do guys stop growing

We are getting taller but this isn’t because we understand what age do guys stop growing or we’ve done anything to control growth spurts. It’s because taller people are more likely to be successful (that’s not just me saying it the studies have been around for years) in life including in relationships and our nutrition has got better. We have more calcium available for example (consider how easy it is to get milk in this day and age).

When Do Men Stop Growing and What Can We Change?

In fact, I was talking about this the other day. We should really look at how much pressure we put on kids when they’re in school.

For the good of growth and height, some kids should be left behind. If you look at the stats the pressure kids feel to perform at a young age is nuts. If you’re not getting an A in school you’re clearly doing something wrong. You fail. This is what parents and teachers are telling kids. Not only is this morally wrong but stress massively inhibits growth and during puberty is where we test kids and tell them their whole lives are going to be based on these results.

And what age do we stop growing? Pretty much when this stressful period of our lives in drawing to a close.

My height was stunted when I was this age. I don’t know if it was because of the stress and I would have been taller back then if things were different. But since then I started to learn how to grow taller and I did what I needed to do. In fact, I might have did a little more than I needed to. When I started looking into what age do men stop growing and how to grow taller I went with the kitchen sink approach of doing everything I literally could. Maybe I didn’t need to do that much but I’m 6’5 these days.

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