At What Time This Exercises Should Be Performed ???

Grow Taller


welcome to the grow taller 4 idiotsintroductory exercises begin by layingon your back and stretching your wholebody to its maximum extent both yourarms and legs should be extended thenslowly turn on the side and then on theopposite twisting your body as much asyou canevery time you get back to the startingposition extend again your arms and legsto their maximum extent the aim of thisexercise is to extend all the joints inyour body to every possible directionyoubegin by lying on your back extend yourlegs and support your body with yourarms started cycling movement in arotary manner keep going with thisexercise for around one minutelower your body slowly by supporting theweight of your body with your hands onthe floorsit on the floor relaxed take a deepbreath I’m pretty now drive your chin tothe sternum lowering your head as muchas you can breathing in you go backwardswith your head and again breathe outslowly breathe in and drive your headbackwardsthen britain out drive your head on theright as much as you canbreathing in get back to the startingposition and breathing out get on theleft side as much as you can stand yourhead to the right and to the leftnow standing and looking forward extendyour arms on sides begin drawing circlesfirst forward and then backwards do tencircles each directionstanding extend your arms on the sidesas much as you can breathe in without areach for the sidesopen your legs little bit breathe in I’mbreathing out you go on one side downbreathing in you get back to thestarting position and then down on theopposite side exhaling breath in extendonce again and bring out you get afterpositionyoustand facing a wall extend one of yourarms and try to reach high as I as youcan hold this position and then switchon the opposite side never allow yourheels to get off the floor extendbreathe hold this position now standwith a wall on side extend one of yourarms and try to reach this as you can asin the previous exercise breathe in holdthe position try to reach as high as youcanheels on the floor and then switch onthe opposite side breathe in reach highhold the heels on the floor try toextend all of your body as you canextend both of your arms over your headwith your back on the wall breathe inand extend as much as you can reach highhold the position go as as you can andthen slowly get offyou.


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