Ayurvedic Ways To Increase Height – Dr. Mini Nair

Grow Taller

Height is definitely genetic. But there can be a lot of contributing factors during the developmental stage. Height is because of the growth hormone secreted by our body which is the pituitary gland situated in the brain and it is at the peak during adolescent and drops back immediately after that but growth keeps on happening in our system, because growth is definitely keeps on happening throughout our life because growth is definitely required throughout our life. So we a person intends to improve the height, they cannot do much as it is definitely depended on our genetics but there can be other causative factors or influencing factors that can contribute. When we talk about influencing factors, we have to talk about the general nutrition of the body and other congenial atmosphere the person lives with. All this contribute to the height factors. So in the case they grow till the age of 25 and women till they are around 21 years of age, during which time they grow every 2 inch, so 2 inch in a year. So during that period of time, during the adolescence what factors to be done to improve the factors of height. In Ayurveda, we look into the factors of nutrition effect of the body too. So the contributing medicines can be Aswangandha, Shatavari, Guduchi. So it helps in the absorption and also helps in contributing to the height. Along with that the exercise also lays a very good role, like stretching. The best exercise that we can advise is the Surya namaskara during this period. It plays a very important role. Sleep is also very important. The growth usually happens during the sleeping hours. So with some magic pills it wont help you in gaining height at all.

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