Best Grow Taller Exercises – How To Increase Height 1 – 2 Inches Per Month

Grow Taller

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this routine is great for the morning tostart to open up your whole body yourspine your neck your hamstring anythingthat is feeling a little bit tight fromsleep here so just go to extend at thefront of your mat you’re just going tobreathe your arms all the way out and uplengthen through your ribs drop yourshoulders down your back and you’regoing to grab ahold of one wrist liftall the weapon over to the side reallybreathe through your ribs heregently come all the way back and try theother side stretching all the way up andover nice long deep breaths here andgently bring it all the way back andthen just go ahead and interlace yourhands press all the way up to theceiling breathe through your sides dropyour tailbone and I’m going to bringyour hands to your lower back press yourlower back down it’s going to lift fromyour chest all the way up little arch inyour back softly bend your knees and goand fold all the way over your legsdon’t worry about making this a reallydeep forward bend going to just let yourhead hang heavy grabbing your elbowsreally breathing into your lower backwherever there’s tension go ahead andtry to let any of that tension to gowith your breath here plant yourfingertips on the ground here bend yourleft knee reach your right arm all theway back and never really going tolengthen out from your lower backalthough at the top of your head niceand easy through your collar bones nicebig opening here and gently come back tothe middle we’re just going to try theother sides just plant your rightfingertips bend your right knee reachthat left arm all the way backing upgently looking all the way up to yourtop hand nice long breaths and gentlycome all the way back from there andjust go ahead and plant your fingertipsdown of the ground plant your palms downnice and firmly putting step your rightleg in your left leg all the way back toyour plank pose really reaching out tothe back of your heelslengthen the backs of your legs up tothe ceilings you’re in one nice longstraight linestomachs lifted this will help protectyour lower back here and good and loweryour knees down to the ground start toroll your shoulders down your back andbreathe your chest for your arms andkeep your elbows a little bit bent hereif you like especially if there’s alittle bit of tension you can sway yourtorso side to side I like to call thispin balling your ribcage here it’s justquitting pinball out side to side it’slike a pinball machine it’s pretty easyone more time just roll your shouldersand your back radio chest your arms lookup a little more here and to release thebackward and reach your hips all the wayback to your heels rest your forehead onthe ground take a few deep breaths intoyour body here into your lower backwherever there’s tension just try to letit go every time you breathe out just goahead and come back tuck your toes pressit all the way back to your downward dogremain you’re gently going to just takea walk all the way up to your hands herejust take your time you can bend yourknees if there’s tension in yourhamstrings here I’m going to fold allthe way over your legs gently keep yourhead heavy as you roll all the way up tostand once you make it up keep your armsgoing all the way out and up be ourchair and then on your next exhale foldit all the way over your legs put itinhale arch all the way up to a niceflat back plant your palms and stepyourself back to your plank pose againbreathing easy nice strong body herelower your knees down to the groundreach your chest through your arms herenice easy breaths and go and releaseyour back this time tucking your toescome through to Child’s Pose and back toyour downward dog that’s always a niceoption whenever there’s little tensionin your back and then go ahead and takea walk all the way up to your handsagain release over your legsgently roll it all the way up.I don’t know nice and easy here then Inext exhale fold it all the way overdrop your head step yourself all the wayback this time just to a low lunge withthe left leg back so your right kneesforward here gently lower your back kneedown to the ground for this one justbring your shoulders right on top ofyour hips keep your fingertips down tothe groundbreathing easy you can go and reach yourarms all the way out and up here breathethrough your sides and take a littletwist good and bring your left hand hereright knee your right hand around tothat back leg breathe it around andgently come back from there tuck bothtoes under stretch both legs straightreally try to guide your front hip backand down as you breathe over your leghere this is a big hamstring opener forthe mornings to just take your timebreathing easy plant your palms justbring it back to your downward dog andagain just go ahead and take a walk allthe way up to your hands is really justopening your hamstrings opening up anytight areas but keeping moving here foldover your legs gently roll it on all theway up to stand your body might begetting a little bit warm or breatheyour arms all the way out and up and asyou exhale just fold it all the way overyour legs go ahead and plant your palmsstep your right leg back to a nice lowlunge air gently lower your back kneedown to the groundto tread into your shoulders this onejust let your hips sink forward as youcreate your arms all that enough you canmake this a little bit of an arch backif you want you don’t have to only gointo room where there’s open space inyour body try not to push anything heregently twist around breathing easywherever your edge is that’s exactlywhere you need to be for the day goahead and plant your fingertips downsort of stretch both legs straightreally guiding that front hip back anddown breathing easy over that front legthis is a great opener for yourhamstrings and your back for any time ofday but especially in the morning hereand then plant your palms down justbring it all the way back to yourdownward dog breathing into your heelsand just go ahead and take a walk allthe way up to your hands again this maybe getting a little more fun a littlemore room opening up in your body if youhave a little room here you can go aheadand grab your calves gently pull yourtorso in toward your legs again onlymoving into available space here neverwant to really push here I use thingscan break and bend not so easily so justbreathe it on over to the side go aheadand grab a wrist a second the beginninghere and we’ll just breathe it on overto the other side again you may feel alittle more opening this time just toenjoy the extra space in your body herethat you’re creating for yourself I’mgoing to breathe it all the way overyour legs put your palms down this timejust walk both feet back to your plankpose for then lower your knees down rollyour shoulders on your back breathe yourchest through your arms just go aheadand bring it on back to your downwarddog nice and easy this time just stepyour right foot all the way for justgoing to bring your shoulders on top ofyour hips into a high lunge here sinkyour hips nice and low drop yourshoulders down your back really reachyour fingertips all the way up butimplant your fingertips down stretchboth legs all the way straight againguiding that front hip backnow breathing over your leg here niceand using button bend the front youplant your palms bring it all the wayback to your downward dog and we’ll justtry the other side so step your leftfoot all the way forward sink your hipsthen it all back to your high lunge niceand easy here relax your shoulder justfind something to look at in front ofyou try not to drill a hole with youreyes with your gaze plant yourfingertips and gently stretch both legsall the way straight breathing easy intothat hamstring into your hips here andgo and really bend the leg plant yourpalms pick it up and all the way back toyour downward dog and gently go aheadand take a walk all the way up to yourhands again going fold all the way overyour leg breathe into any open spacethis year gently roll yourself all theway up to standing and keeping your headnice and heavy reach all the way out andup breathe into your ribs and gentlypress your palms together right in frontof your chest breathing easy here and goand release your hands downyou ready for your day great job. .

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