Best Yoga Aasan To Increase Height – Tadasana (English)- Shilpa Yoga

Grow Taller

Now With Your Feet Apart And Your Hands By The Side Of Your Thighs With Fingers Pointing Downwards. Then Raise One Arm To The Side Perpendicular To The Body. Turn The Palm Over. Now Raise The Hand Straight Up So That It Is By The Side Of Your Head. Stretch Slightly. Now Lean To The Side As Much As Possible Until Your Body Makes A Smooth Curve. Do Not Bend The Knees. Do This While Inhaling Pause And Come Back To A Normal Standing Position While Exhaling. Bring Your Arm Back To The Perpendicular Position. Turn Your Palm Back Onto Its First Position. Bring It Back To Your Side. Reverse For The Other Side.This Is A Good Exercise For The Spine Often Correcting Mild Scoliosis. Because Of The Lateral Stretch To The Spine It Combats The Fat Around The Side Of The Waist- Your Love Handles. And Because Its Not A Common Stretch For The Muscles Along Your Side Its Great For Physical Fitness. Chakrasana Translates To The Wheel Pose.

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