Boldly Grow Taller In Adulthood?

Grow Taller

In one case it seems possible to grow taller in adulthood, as I highlight an example of Astronaut Stephanie Wilson who claimed to grow from 5ft 2 to almost 5ft 4 with barely more than 42 days spent in space.

This might be a possible case for height to examine. What makes her unique in being able to retain the ‘growth’? Does anti-gravity mean that people might grow taller at any age in the with Astronaut’s grow taller I was in space, I grew about 2 1/2 inches, and I retained about 1 3/4 inches. So I started my mission at 5 feet 2 inches, and now I’m almost 5′ 4″, so for me, it was a win. Most of my colleagues returned to their regular height but for me it was a little unusual to retain it.”


hi I beg rob from Silesia most of youmay know that when Ash will not scored amission into space the effects ofgravity unpleasant sort of Spain’s inessence can elongate temporarily nowwhen they came back down to earth theeffects of gravity unpleasant so itcompresses the Spain again and thereturn to normal Hey but I’ve writtenthis week an article which picked up ona top by a national call Stephanie.Wilson now back in two thousand and sexshe said this I’m five foot two inchestall now just this week she went onrecord saying i will enter space at fivefoot two and i grew at five and four anda half but when i came back to earth iactually managed to retain 1. 75 inchesand hey so she says she’s almost fivefoot four no much for a woman aged 49 isremarkable and she actually admitted andmost of our colleagues returned to thenormal hey and she’s unique so maybethere’s some scope for research and tothis topic in the future why can a ladylike that who’s only spent forty plusdays in space managed to grow nearly twoinches and actually retain that hey it’sreally interesting because in all theyears i’ve been doing celeb hates I’venever actually came across an astronautor you’re America’s senior actually grewand retained nearly two inches i meanemotional gone from five foot two inyour early forties to nearly five footfour in your late forties it’s unheardof so maybe hey researchers the futurecan look at this case and examine whyshe’s unique why does she nearly growand retain that i’m in a fight maybethat’s an aspect in terms of air gravityin the body that can be replicated orthere somehow obviously not know butmaybe in 20 30 years and they mayactually help people gain hey thanks forwatching keep walking taller Groppo i’llsee you in the future. .

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