Does Drinking Cow’s Milk Help Children Grow Taller?

Grow Taller

Cow’s milk offer toddlers a slight height advantage compared with other milks,Toronto have found
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milk that’s borderline soymilk Andrea.Thompson is raising her daughter on avegan diet Everest has never sippedcow’s milk children are not baby cowsand therefore they shouldn’t be drinkingthe breast milk of another species she’snot alone in her thinking researcherssay a growing number of Canadians areturning to milk alternatives but a newstudy shows kids who drink cow’s milkare taller than those who don’twhat difference that makes to adultheight is not clear at the present timebut the difference at three years of ageis detectable and not tiny researchersstudied more than 5,000 Canadian kidsbetween the ages of 2 & 6 about 13% ofthem were consuming cow’s milkalternatives including rice soy almondand goat’s milkresearchers say on average at 3 yearsold the kids drinking cow’s milk were acentimeter and a half taller weshouldn’t just say that cow’s milkitself is this magical no pun intendedformula 2 to help your child to becometaller genetics and overall diet are farmore critical in determining growth andwhile they all offer relatively the sameamount of calcium pediatricians say thisstudy has them thinking about thenutritional content of milk alternativeproducts the amount of protein in someof these products is about 25% versus incow’s milk 100% so it’s big differentcow’s milk is standardized so when apediatrician recommends 3 cups a day itdoesn’t matter which brand you buy youend up getting the same amount ofcalories fat and protein that is not thecase for its substitutes the same amountof soy depending on the brand will giveyou less calories fat and proteinpediatricians say over time kids can endup consuming less than what’srecommended for optimal growth yourhappy end inhale since I’ve emailed adietician to supplement her daughter’sdiet with other foods because happy andhealthy is every parent’s goal Kristine. Burak CBC News Toronto. .

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