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hey guys it’s the group of guru here andtoday I might get out to a questiondoes milk help bring taller and there’stwo answers that yes and no milk on itsown will not just help you to growtaller but it is part of the process andit’s one it’s part of the factors thatare get I’ll be screw tall it’s a bitlike saying do tires on a car make thecar go from A to B well they do but onlyalong with everything else along withthe engine the fuel the car body shellitself so milk itself doesn’t justnecessarily maybe at all you need tocombine the milk with a good diet thecorrect exercise the correct sleepamongst other few factors but obviouslythose ones are the most important sowhen you do combine it in the right kindof way milk can be really beneficial toyou so one thing I would say is I’mcurrently in Singapore the moment and Iwent to the supermarket check out allthe milks that we had available if youtake a look at the nutritionalinformation on the side of the the milk.I’m just check out the protein contentand the calcium content if you can getthe milk that’s got the highest proteinand the highest calcium but just becareful obviously of the calories aswell then you answer a winner that’sdoes give me the best felt that thesmell to you sir this one’s pretty good. I mean it’s got a 5. 2 grams of protein400 mil it’s got 200 milligrams ofcalcium so pier glasswhich is about children L savingsuggestion you’re talking about maturitycalories there are or the milks thatwould have the less protein maybe aboutfour point eight grams of protein andwe’re about maybe 20 calories less somaybe if you’re like on quite strictdiets where you watching your calorieintake may be good for the lower caloriemilk but it’s also going to provide youwith four point eight grams of proteinso yeah just just check out thenutritional information of the size it’sreally unusual actually because this oneis is like chocolate flavored milk it’sactually really really nice and I wasquite surprised that looks at the sidethe soul will be all the nutritionalfacts so look look when you go tosupermarket look for the highest proteinand highest calcium note that you canfind and and if you aim for about a pintof milk a day and also try and combinethat with some of the maybe stretches orthe nutritional information I’m going tobe provided on this channel to helpourselves to grow taller so I hopethat’s clear a few things on the othermilk side and actually be giving youmore free tips soon so have a good dayguys speaking see bikeyou. .

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