Does Sex Really Make You Grow Taller?

Grow Taller

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Haden Carter and I prepared this videoto explore the question of whether thephysical act of sex can actually helpyou grow taller it seems to be a heftystretch of the imagination at best andan outright fabrication at worst but thefact of the matter is that the physicalact of sex may actually help you growtaller now there are at least fourfactors that limb credence to the notionthat you can positively affect your goalto grow taller simply by having sex on aregular basis the first of these factorsis that sex is not only a healthyexercise but in many ways it actuallyclosely imitates the absolute undisputedchampion of height increasing exerciseswhich is swimming swimming is the bestexercise to perform regularly for thosewho want to grow taller because of theactive role of exertion that it placeson your spine now your spine is acomplex system of mechanics thatconsists of not only the bony vertebraebut also the soft flexible cartage thatbinds it together and allows it to flexin an infinite number of positions inyour quest to grow taller up to an inchor more of height can be gained bybolstering the spongy cartilage in ahealthy controlled manner through bothpassive and active means passive meansinclude ensuring that you have betterposture which we’ll cover in a momentand ensuring that adequate nourishmentis reaching the cartilage so it remainsflexible and pliable long into adulthoodactive means consists of ensuring thatit remains flexible through adequateproper exercise that ensures thecartilage and the muscles surroundingthe spine are strong and flexible bothswimming and sex help accomplish theactive role of helping to keep thecartilage in your spine and the musclessurrounding it strong and healthy acrucial element in growing tallernow the second.Derr ties into the first having regularsex can help keep you limber and strongit’s no secret that sex is highlyregarded as one of the most healthiestforms of exercise that you can do itraises your heart rate so it’s a superbform of cardiovascular exercise but evenmore importantly in terms of increasingheight the motions involved in sex canhelp keep you limber and by activelyusing muscles and motions that youotherwise probably are not activelyusing simply put when combined with anactive schedule of stretching exercisesto increase height sex can be a powerfultool to keep you fit and limber and yourbody primed for additional height growththird a very large factor in increasingyour height is ensuring that your bodyproduces an adequate amount of naturallyoccurring hormones that not only keepyou fit agile and youthful but can helpyou increase your height through thesemeanswell after your natural growth phase isended while you are still limited byyour body’s natural time clot per se inthat you cannot absolutely instigateanother growth spurt but by keeping yourbody’s natural hormone production atpeak levels you will remain healthierand in turn better equipped to growtaller using growth promoting physicalactivities now this is why so manypeople that want to increase theirheight turn to supplements and drugsthat unnaturally boost their hormonelevels or introduce synthetic hormonesinto their bodies while thesemedications may certainly be helpful toindividuals that suffer from conditionsthat caused them to be depleted ofnatural hormones they can actually causemoderate to severe adverse side effectsto otherwise healthy persons this isbecause when foreign or synthetichormone altering substances areintroduced into the body the body’snatural synergistic balances aredisturbed simply put the rest of thebody’s mechanisms are caught off guardand as seen when too much human growthhormone is introduced without regard toside effects it can have extremelyresults the absolute best way toincrease the body’s normal hormonelevels is to do so in a natural mannerthis lunes eating healthy diet andengaging in regular exercise thatactively promotes increased metabolicfunction and hormone producing activitythe end result is a much healthier bodythan it reaches it’s goalsynergistically and all at the same timeso that the body’s natural rhythm isnever out of sync finally the fourth waythat sex can help you grow taller isthat because it is such an activeexhilarating activity it promotes deepermore productive sleep I don’t have totell you how well you you are arrestedafter a day of physical exertion or evenafter an evening of sexual activity thesleep you get that night is deep andproductive which further bolsters thebody’s natural cellular repair functionsin short better sleep equals a healthierbody which equals a body that is muchbetter suited to grow taller throughmore active means such as stretching andexercise and proper nutrition inconclusion keep in mind that sex alonewill not make you grow taller howeverwhen combined with a healthy lifestyleand active participation in a programsuch as the grow taller book membershipprogram that’s located at grow tallerbook. com sex is most certainly one ofthe most advantageous forms of activitythat you can engage in to increase yourheight increased goals this has been. 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