Does Sleeping Help Growing Taller?

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yo so everyone is the GTG coming to youfrom the Land of Nod all the way to the.NY sea and theretoday’s video is is a question thatwe’ve had on our Facebook wall we’ve hadit twice it sir it was from mr. Ming weit let’s pronounce right and Ryan Congand we then asked does a sleeping helpbring taller and if it does what do weneed to do in order to maximize oursleeping patterns in order to go tallerso the first thing is is how much sleepdo you need to grow taller so what I’vegot Michael doing is roughly about 8 to10 hours now sometimes what I find is ifwe leave the curtain open when the Suncomes in we actually like naturally wakeup anyway so we’re not actually gettingas much sleep as we like and to behonest what we’re going to start doingis short knickers so it’s going to giveus that that extra bit of time so tohave a deep deep sleep so roughly about810 hours if you can and a lot of youwonder you know should you have nopillow pillow what is guys I think it’sbetter to get a really good deep sleepbecause when you have a really deepsleep you release huge amounts of growthhormone especially within the first twohours so if you’re like not having apillow and you’re lying there and you’relike I can’t sleep the shit because thisis so uncomfortablethen I was that’s not good becauseyou’re not you’re not getting sleep butif you’re if you’ve got to pick me off asmall pillow and you’re lying on yourside and you get in a really goodnight’s sleep then that’s fine you neverthink it up it’s been drilled intopeople’s heads that if you don’t justsleep like this you know the biggertaller it’s not true mine you need toget a need to get a comfortable sleepobviously if you can’t do this positionjust you know lying on your backstraight you know obviously that’s goingto allow your body to really elongateyou throughout the night and really letthe spine decompressand you will probably get the bestbenefit from that book if you can’tsleep then let’s defeat the whole objectall together so you know it’s his fireto use a pellet in fact I wouldrecommend is because I’ve told Michaelthis where he insists not to sleep withthe pillow what he’s slipped on his sideright and your shoulder is actually hereand there’s a gap where you can actuallyhave a pillow and his head’s actuallytilting to one side or if you can killthe other side people groan shoulder isto keep my head straight actually need apillar to keep my full body a proportionif I do this I’m actually putting somestrengths on this side of my neck so inessence if if you are sleeping without apillowthe only dealing where you can’t sleepup the pillow is if you doing thistechnique if you’re sleeping on yourside you may not obviously with a pillowbecause you do more damage but I’m nothaving a pillow what I will say isthere’s these great things that you canget on a plane and it’s not cheating but. I’m sure you’ve all seen these these arelike what your wrap around your head soyou could you can you can use them likethat you can use them as this littlethis little barricade ear so that youare not pointing with destruction onoutside of your neck like that andthat’s fine to you but you know you’vegot remember that it’s writtenespecially important that you get areally deep sleep because that’s whenyou’re going to release vast amounts ofgrowth hormone now before you go to bedtry and avoid any food two hours untilyou give the bed the reason for that isif you start eating especially likecarbs or sugary foods you inching itinsulin levels are going to peak andit’s been proven time and time againwhenever there’s insulin growth roomwhose although eventually like worstenemies and obviously you want to getthe maximum growth hormone throughoutyour body eventually is that it’s gonnait’s going to blocks these these thesetwo elements are going to startcolliding they don’t work together behastyand growth hormone do so try and try notto eat two hours before you actuallyplan to go to sleep just so you get thatmaximum growth hormone benefits rightput that backand yeah it might ease is it difficultto guys at anything oh you’ve beenwatching my liver and my the channelwhere I’m my train to train to get Rip’sbook I really struggle with sleepsometimes I’m finding that especiallywith like waking up in the middle of thenight and stuff and sometimes you wakeup to go for a piss in your life I’mawake now it’s a bit of a trial anderror type of thing I mean for mepersonally I have I save my meal twomeals to the marry end of the day so Iplan to get a bed about twelve abouthalf past nine ten o’clock I’ll have mymain meal then and then you know I feelfull then for the rest of the night andif I do get up in the middle of nightwhat I have is this sirthis stuff called new treaty now don’trecommend this because it has got somesugar in a book I just really can’tsleep so I have about 100 ml of this newtreaty which is lies sweetened tea and Ifound that that bit of a sugar hit helpsme to go to bed I think if if someone isused to eating really late at nightespecially like fast food you’re goingto struggle especially the grow tallerdiet to get sleep well you might doanyway book I match to when I’m dying toget to sleep especially if I don’t getthat real sugar hit before I give it abetter that I think it’s just what theway of train myself so so yeah hope youfind this this video useful.

I just a few shaft ups to go throughbefore I finish off but yes I want togive a shout out to mr.Aztec warriorcongratulationsmr. Santori is on day 82 and he’s growna half inch taller so congratulationsman keep going to keep pushingalso give a shout out to me me girlwho’s nineteen she hasn’t seen anygrowth since she’s been 14 years old butshe just started a program and this weekand. I think she’s really pleased I think sheeven said that her posture and walkingtechnique was was much better eventhough she’s got a really busy scheduleso keep goinghere’s your rejection I’m going to do adifferent rather than a spline it’smorbidthat’s a cool injection so Oh misternice to Boyett to injections and nextperson we’re going to shout out to isthe man 31 the month they want to thinkyour your mindset struggling a littlebit after you gave pie it down but Imean you’re only on day 41 and you.

Brewin half an inch now that’s that’seven better than what math was doing sokeep gheymeh you know you do reallyreally well he deemed better than mostjust keep pressing on them and you know.I’m really pleased with with yourprogress and keep going I also want togive a shout out to Abdul Abdul justcommented on one of my videos yesterday. Abdul’s 510 anyone who wants to be sixfoot four he’s actually brought the DVDhave you started it this week and itjust needs a bit of spice a bit ofencouragement so Abdul you can do manthere’s no excuse now you’ve got theresources you’ve got a DVD so when soyeah that’s that’s everything to go sayit France video for tip this is the GTGsign up from my bed all the way to theendwhy seeyou. .

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