Gimp Tutorial – How To Increase Height Of An Image Without Changing The Image Size

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When working with images in Gimp I often run into situations where I need to add something outside the frame of an existing image without impacting the size of the image. This tutorial will show you how to do.

hello this is Carl with another GIMPtutorial screencast today I’m going tobe showing you how to do something that.I often run into and every time I do it. I have to relearn it so this is kind ofalso a video note to self what I want todo I want to put a border at the top ofthis image but as you can see right here. I can’t do that because the image issized so that the the image comes rightto the top here so what we need to do israise the top without changing the imageitself so we have enough room in here todo that so what I’m going to do this isactually changing the canvas size sowhat we do is go we go to image andcanvas size and what I want to do here Iwant to change the height but I don’twant to change the width also so I needto unlike the unlink these two I’m goingto change the height will make this 300and then I come down here right now if Iclick let’s see if I click outside ofthere okay you can see in here right nowit’s added that to the bottom and I wantto add it to the top so I’ve got to goto the y axis here and increase increasethat by 20 which is what I’ve changedthe height by and there we go okay sonow our image has shifted down inside tothe canvas and we have that that borderup at the top there or the space up atthe top of 20 pixels which has beenadded we click here resize and here youcan see the 20 pixels that have beenadded to the canvas but that stillhasn’t changed our layer this layer hereis still the original size so we stillhave to come in here layer and layer toimage size right here and now we aregood to go I can do whatever I want withthe top here and it’s not going to runinto the edge of the the image itself so.

I hope this has been helpfuland happy camping..

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