Green Garden Tips: How To Grow Tall Corn

Grow Taller

Patrick the Green Gardener explains how you can maximize your corn yield per stalk. This video helps you see what what you can do to improve the quality and quantity of corn in your garden

hi this is Patrick the green gardenerand I’m here to talk to you today aboutcorn wonderful bright yellow whitepearls and gold corn all different kindsof corn that you can grow beautifulsized corn just like this sometimes youmight have some problems getting cornthis tall many of farmers problems arewhen you don’t take care of them at avery young age as you can see this cornhas not the suckers have not been takenoff which means that the ears are so lowand the corn never meets its fullpotential what I’m here to show youtoday is how your corn could meet itsfull potentialthe key to any kind of corn growing isto make sure that you don’t have anysuckers this is a suckerwe cut suckers off this is a sucker okaywe’ll take those off this is a suckeranything on the side of the main plantis a sucker so when when you take allthe suckers off what happens these aretwo stalks of their own but I’m going toactually take this one out because Ionly want one stop for a hole so whenyou pull all your suckers out you haveone stock only and that gives you abetter variety of having three to fourears per stock so the key is to you caneither cut your suckers off or they’lljust break off real easily like thatonce you cut them all off what you’llget is a wonderful row of corn with asingle stalk as you can see the singlestalk will produce multiple ears alongits stalk and as they grow taller andtaller your corn has the opportunity toreach its full potential the key is toget rid of the suckers on the sides thisis Patrick the green gardener signingoff.


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