Grow Taller – 20 Years Old 5’10 To 6’0

Grow Taller

My story…
A simple video showing you guys the stuff i use
Keep believing guys, I BELIEVE

CORE very Special to Lance Ward, Aaron Racine, Mamali FeshFeshe and Kevin Guite.


what’s up at everyone at the grow tallerpages I said I would do a video aboutthe tools I use to grow taller my methodyou know this bar by Lance I Monday 40something on the 90 days program this ismy schedule my program got all thosecross days over there and see numberhere so 52 days see him almost getting291 I’ve started this on august i thinkmaybe late september and I’ve seen thevideos of Lance he said stretching isthe secret now do stretches in themorning like the ones laying on the bedand you just try to reach the end of thebed or try to reach your toes you knowi’ll show you the pictures on the videowhen it will be edited so besides thethree main stretches standing on avertical position standing tall andreaching for the sky reaching for yourtoes and reaching for the the bed I alsodo hanging bars here I’ll show you it’stoo dark in here but um I have this likehanging bar attached to the wall can seeclearly now like this goes right hereattached to the wall and you can hang onthe bar I do it every single day forlike three minutes five minutes and thisis also good for abdominals and asit ups squats but that doesn’t matterwhat matters most is to just make it.Hank so um yeah besides that I try tomaintain a good diet ec and among I havethis mini basketball board that I gotit’s really cheap and I’m I’ll just tryto make the ball go in you know jump forit and slam it so this is the stuff that. I do like now it’s winter and I can goplay basketball cuz I’m too busy withcollege and stuff like that but um whenit was summer I used to go to thebasketball camp every day and I havethis dream to be able to dunk and Ihaven’t got the dunk yet but um willseek us already hit the board thissummer was the first time I got to hitthe board and I’ve been training jumpinghigher and higher trying other programssuch as the air alert it’s a reallywell known program forgetting is jumphigher increase your vertical jump butum what I want the most is a grow tallerand I’m I’m 20 years old I’m 5 10 andhere is like my height the first I waslike this then I got to like this withshoes and now at the top of myperformance I’m right above this blueline so you can clearly see if I gozooming out where the blue spot is thiswould be like my high to seeso I want to be six feet and I’m gonnatry this 90 days program what Irecommend you guys because it workedbecause I I grew some small centimetersvery work right so I believe it willkeep on working and um I got thebasketball everyday right on the morningand before going to bed just jump a bitand when I do it I feel like my spinestretching all over the place see likegoing like going up and I’m like okaysounds like it’s working right yeah when. I’m trying to dunk I feel it and I’malso reaching fritos stretching do theexercises Lance shows you becausethey’re super important hanging I havekind of a problem because hanging onthis door I can’t get my legs to theground because I’m too tall I don’t knowif that makes the the exercise uselessbut I continue to do it anyways because. I feel the gravity pulling on my armsjust not on my legs but anyways ifanyone knows it just just tell me aboutit so um I’m just showing you guys thestuff that I do not many stuff I wish Icould do more but I mean everyone hastheir own jobs but doing this like 10minutes a day has been working and I’mreally proud of we choose nowadays I’mthis all right now that’s something and. I want to go like this so impossible isnothing right I don’t know if I can doit but I believe I can do it so this wasme I hope you enjoy the video I don’tknow much more say thanks for watchingand keep believing guys this is just mewith a with my trying right stickand um guys want to keep on bringing youmore news see. .

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