Grow Taller 4 Idiots: 3.5 Inches In 9 Weeks?

Grow Taller

Big Rob checks out another grow taller 4 idiots testimonial – Brian Johnson Height – who claimed to gain 3.5 inches in 9 weeks. Another Big Rob outraps Radikal Hughes.

hi big rock from the slow pace herebaleia is bed on the 1st of June and afew people on asked me aboutthis particular channel is called blind.Johnston and his channel called brain. Johnson Heyhe’s promoting grow taller 4 idiotsagain one of these guys is he at thereal deal as again hey let’s listen towhat Bryan has to say first oh I shouldsay the star libido he says he’s fivefoot six and a half after four weeks Isaw nothing but then by week seven withwhen the magic happens when abreakthrough occurred that’s when I hitmy growth spurt in over two and a happyso within a few weeks you know week fourto seven he’s gained two and a halfinches absolutely amazing what they saidthat is final hey here it is yeah as youcan see the difference in my height isunbelievablethree and a half inches doesn’t soundlike much but they do make a bigdifference. I’m five foot nine and a half inches nowso it’s just betting you to believeafter nine weeks he’s gripped three anda half inches and haterhey he’s not very good mask because thisdata said it was five or six and a halfand those five and a half I should havesaid it’d be three inches but well letthem off with that half inch of course.

Big Rob doesn’t believe this becausethere are other scammers on Drummond wrote off edits they want youto buy the product and all see anythingdo anything in order for you to partwith money but what’s brain Johnson’sreal name is it by Johnson of course not.I was looking at some music videos youknow I take the breast off of currentmusic trends and the soulless guy no notthis guy this guy you wait for it I didhahaha it is my name is day Rob this ismy job don’t be a benchyou ain’t gonna gain 3 inch so this guyradical Hughes is his name there’sradical Hughes Eagle tell me about aneagle so he’s a musician or DJ oractually is a man of many talentsbecause not only is radical Hughes on singing songs or rapping songsand aspiring pet bill is also on fiberwhich is the website you pay money topeople and you’ll create these faketestimonials so that is Bryan Johnsonaka radical huge as I see a man of manytalents internet marketer musician DJblah blah blah teacher search engineenthusiastoh and there’s one of his customersthrough standing experience for that logset a fall graphic to further provinghis head yeah right now so there you go. Brian Johnson is radical Hughes nobodygains three and a half inches in nineweeks if you believe that or Cassie so. Brian aka radical as another and a longline of these people who promoteproducts on using figtestimonials he may have made thesevideos for someone else through thisfavor and that person who bought thevideos from home is making the money orit could be actually doing himselfsome people may create the videos inorder to promote a program like littlefaggots they may actually do themselvesand take on all the affiliate.

Commission’s whatever he’s doing don’tbelieve these guys as you can see hereand nobody really against the entries inhey there’s people on who aretrying draw our programs themselves andthey’re spending one to two hours a dayfor months ask them have they agree morethan a few millimeters or not thanks forwatching keep walking collar Rob Pauland five it and you’re not see you inthe next video..

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