Grow Taller 4 Smarts 2.1 | Stretching 4 More Height

Grow Taller

The Basic Height System For Beginners Part II – Improving Posture for More height Part 1/7
Exercises 6-12

Grow Taller 4 Smarts 2.1 – Stretching 4 More Height
This is the first video of the series two where Dr. Tran reveals his ancient Reiki methods the world, now to get access backstage of the creation of session three.

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great let’s go calmexercise number six lying down on thefloor on a firm surface raise your legsand hips up and over your head whileexhaling keep moving your legs untilyour toes touch the floor behind yourhead hold and relax when your toes touchthe floor slowly bring your legs back tothe original position and repeat try tobring your toes as close as possible tothe groundperform and repeat this exercise fivetimesif these exercises cause discomfortplease discontinue and consult a healthprofessional to continue with our heightincrease exercises please proceed to thenext video thank you for watching.


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