Grow Taller Exercises – How To Increase Height Fast With Leg Stretching Exercises

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hi I’m dr.Kathy thanks for joining mefor a great stretch we’re going to startoff by bending one leg and putting theother leg out straight put your handsbehind you and I just want you to bringyour belly button forward toward yourheel there you go come on down littlebit low and when you feel like you can’tgo any more put your hands downin front of you and bring it all the waydown getting your stomach down let yourhead relax down bring your head up walkyour hands half way over to the straightleg hold that right there making surethat both of your butt bones and buttcheeks are down on the floor don’t leaninto the position but keep your hipsdown on the ground walk yourself overthis leg pull in on the belly button andthen we’re going to turn this arm upstraight this time arm and let’s reachfour times reach three two and one takethis far to ten straight down reach andhold now from here I want you with thishand on the inside of the shoe and turnup and look at the elbow nice raise thisarm up and pull it back almost likeyou’re trying to stretch back back backlooking back towards fingers good moretime bring this arm overhead reallyreaching into the stretch and face downtoward the knee good job pull in on thatbelly button walk your hands halfwaywalk your hands all the way to thecenter get your belly button down pushyour hips and your butt back down intothe ground andyour hands in and switch legs so one legis extended the other leg is bent putyour hands behind you and bring yourbelly button down lower lower lower whenyou can’t go anymore bring your handsout in front of you and they get yourbelly down and when your stomach is aslow as it goes then bring your head downvery nice hold that position bring yourhead up walk your hands halfway over andhold it right there good making surethat you’re keeping both butt cheeks andboth but bones down on the ground don’tlift up and fall into the stretch butcontrol yourself walk it over thatletting go ahead pull in on your bellyhold that stretch right there and thentake this front arm and turn it up goodand now we’re going to reach four threegood two nice and one now reach and holdgood and take this hand put on theinside of the shoe look up at your elbowstart to break this arm up up up up nowbring it up and back and look back atyour fingers reach nice bring this overstretch very good turn it back down holdit right therehalfway to the frontgood all the way to the front and thenwalk your hands in and bring yourself inshake your legs out good all right putthe bottoms of your shoes together putyour hands behind you and hop your hipsforward prop your torso up now usingyour knees and your leg muscles pullyour knees down toward the groundthere’s your stretch right there can youwalk your hands in anymore hop your hipsboat a little bit more pull the kneesdown toward the groundthat’s the stretch right there hold itright here for 10 9 8 just keepstretching 7 6 pulling on that bellybutton 5 tune up for 3 you got it 2 & 1slide your hips back bring your handsaround our what I don’t want you to dois don’t take your toes and yank on themand pull them up no thank you put yourpalms here on your shoelaces and useyour elbows to push your knees out rightthere push push push it out with yourelbows good get your belly button downchin to these upper commit look up keeplooking at me keep your chin up for yourbelly button down a little bit more pushout with the knees keep looking at meand keep your chin up there you go nowwhen you can’t get your belly buttondown anymore now keep your belly buttonwhere it is and look down at your toeskeep your belly low don’t let your backround up look down at your heels keepyou torso a little look down at thefloor trying to get your chin to yourchestbring your chin back up until you’refinally looking at me look up look at megood push those knees down bringyourself up shake those legs out I’mgoing to do stretch with the legs outfront so just flex your feet slide yourhands out put a flat down on the flooryou got up hold it walk your fingers outhalf an inch I know it’s getting hard tokeep your palms down on the floor youcan do it walk it out half an inch nowjust the fingertips are probably on thefloor now keep your belly in your backand your torso where it is just lookdown at your knees and your thighs andyour chin your chest now you’ve got thestretch all the way up the back of thelegs up through the spine possibly intothe neck hold that position right theredon’t bounce just home work your thingis a half inch more move just hold thatstretch right there tell me you don’thave flexibility you just haven’t workedyour flexibility you can work it you canincrease your flexibility you canstretch those muscles walk your fingersthey happen in to ward off there we gohold it hold it roll it up slowlynice job take feet girl wifenow with your hands in front of you justslide forward until the elbow is wherethe palms are down the floor wherever iscomfortable for you keep going keepgoing keep going we’re going to stopright here good walk halfway to one sidewalk all the way over that leg pull iton your belly walk halfway back to thecenter come all the way to the centerand now here we go half way to the otherside all the way over that other legpull it on your belly half way back tothe centerall the way to the center walk the handsout as far as they go bring your headdown try to get the top of your neck tothe ground lift your head up walk yourhands in bounce the legs back in loosenup take one deep breath all the way upclean air in blow it out there to thegarbage what a great stretch have afantastic day don’t forget to join usback at educator pregnancy calm for moretips exercises recipes blogs andarticles. .

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