Grow Taller Exercises : How To Increase Your Height Everyday Before Sleep

Grow Taller

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hey it’s Tara Stiles and this is alittle routine that you can do beforebed to help you sleep really wellthroughout the night so the first thingyou can do is just sit up on your bedreally comfortably and just start toclose your eyes and just keep breathingnaturally and this isn’t designed to bea hardcore meditation or just likestarting to relax here so just lettingthe thoughts kind of empty out andbreathe more naturally and the nextthing is just a gentle twist and if youhave a back board it’s nice to kind ofgrab that and use it as resistance forthe twist if not you can just twistaround like you would a normal seatedtwist here and just putting your hand onthe ground by your hip and just twistingalong the spine and just come back andthen the next thing is just walk yourhands out along the bed there and thisis really nice for your hips and just anice stretch in your whole spine thereand just come on up and then juststretch your legs out straight in frontof you and I like to also just actuallybend your knees a little bit so thisisn’t a hardcore forward bend like youwould do during the day if you’reworking out or going to yoga it’s just amore natural relaxed forward bend sojust try not to really concentrate toomuch on form here this is more justdesigned to let your body kind of easeinto sleep and then just come on down tolie on your bed flat and then justbringing me up to your chest and kind ofyou know starting to get into that hip alittle bit more there and elongate yourstraightened leg and then you canstraighten the leg up and you can grabhere either your ankle or your calf or Ilike to grab one ankle and one behindthe knee there just to kind of it kindof feels more stable of a stretch thereand then you can bend your knee intoyour armpit and actually just grab thetop of your foot so this is a half happybaby it’s a really nice hip stretch andthen just twist it on over to the sidethere and you can also I like this twistjust straighten your bottom foot andreach out with your opposite arm it’slike a star kind of twist there and thenjust try the other sideand also just make sure not to be tooeager here with your stretches this isjust to relax this isn’t to you know todesign to work on your flexibility byany means it’s just to kind of loosen upyour body so there’s no tension beforeyou go to bed so just really doing kindof what your body is going to donaturally without really pushing it sothis is more just like you’re meltinginto your bed and it’s just reallyfeeling good then just lie into like ashavasana type position here just for acouple minutes and then just bring yourknees into your chest and just kicks offone last little stretch in there on yourhips and come back to the shavasanaposition if you sleep there you’retotally all set if not I like to sleepon my side here you just roll over onyour side and have really sweet dreams.


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