Grow Taller Guru Reveals Morning Height!

Grow Taller

2 days after my 30th birthday I decided to reveal my morning height on the stadio meter. almost 8 years after releasing the original DVD ” grow 6 inches taller in 90 days” which had my height at around 6ft 2″

it’s the video you’ve all been waitingforit was my 30th not yesterday the daybefore I did tell a lot of the guys on.Facebook that was going to even more inheart I think I’m still solid 62 to behonest so start on studying me to do alot looking straight at you yeah okayokay so I was pushing around my headyeah I see just a slight not children tosay like one 87. 9 thought yeahso that’s 74 is 6 so it’s like 6 yeah6 1. 999 now I know ish but to be fairwe’ve been awake for about an hour so Ididn’t do it straight away it was justsomething I thought of while I waspacking my gym bag so yeah hope youenjoy that I think I might need to getsome more heart back why’d you reckon. Amy pull ups and stuff.


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