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grow taller hack trick to grow taller atany age as we’ve discussed in this videogoing more in depth on how you canprevent injury how you can even out thebody asymmetrical problems Colio cystsif one legs longer than the other onearms longer than the other if you’ve gothunchback if you’ve been getting shorterif you’re getting old older and youstill want to grow longer welcome andmuch love trapped here out on the beachin Waianae so many of you have alreadywatched the video that I have notignored any age also discusses how to gotour for basketball players mepersonally I went from six foot six footone in my mid 20s beyond when I’msupposed to be able to grow taller Ialso and this is more the direction tothis video straightened out my shoulderas that so the key the keys here tounderstand are that the muscles followmovement and the bones will fall themuscle over time so if you have arepetitive movement or repetitiveposture we for instance like saying thatyour assistant in this posture rightover time the muscles are gonna form akind of cast around this posture you’regonna get stuck in this posture and overtaught over even a longer time the bonesare going to follow the spine is goingto grow in the direction of the musclesthey’re going to be forced to they’regoing to be pulled along slowly andyou’re gonna have this hump thatkyphosis thing another common one iswhen you sit all the time and your hipsget really tightyou have inability to squat at thispoint and then the hips start to doweird shit as they grow on right anothercommon example is like if you’re anathlete that will you only use yourright hand the right arm over developsthe right side over develops and thenyou start to have offset shoulders wherethe bones actually removing athat can be a cause of scoliosis as wellanother example is when you’re sleepingif you only sleep on one side over timeespecially overnight you’re growing in acertain direction the muscles aregrowing in that directionbut the bones will get pulled along withthem the good news is that this is allreversible you can undo it and you canfix your body in the same way through amovement make the muscles fall yourmoves make the bones fall your musclesokay now for the example of growing tallor which everyone likes right so one ofthe causes of kyphosis humpback syndromeis walking around with my phone likethis walking down and over the backpacklot but if I start practicing rightposture holding the phone at eye levelthe growing taller actually it’s notthat I’m taller but is that my spine isunwound right you can be if your spineis like this if you’re four feet yourspine is like this you’re six feet areyou really taller you’re functionallytaller you’re not actually longer sothis is what we’re talking about is theunwinding and overtime you keep yourcell phone like this or whatever youhave this kite posis in the back notonly is the muscles like this but againthe spine will actually follow it butit’s correctable without surgery becauseover time if you use the force of yourbody and exercise and start fixing theposture holding books up like thisholding your phone up like this yourspine will unwind to the muscles willpull the bone along with you right sothat was the one trick to grow taller atany height it’s getting it in the habitof holding your phone up of holding yourhook up of sitting and right posture youwon’t grow longer necessarily but you’llfunctionally be taller right now talkabout how to use this concept of fixedinjuries and fix your body so in theexample of I’m an athlete I’m a bore I’ma baseball player golfer or whateverbasketball player over time it’s gonnathe muscles are gonna grow in a certainwayand the bones are going to fall it’sgoing to cause asymmetrical cause backproblems or twist it up spine and stufflike that that could cause back paininjury and so on what can you do wellcan you be a switch hitter in the sensethat you pull with your right hip pullwith your left hand golf with both sidesin competition or you’re a farmer orwhatever you work with your hands yourcarpenter in competition no but intraining yes so this is a big thing alot of professional athletes do off diettraining work on the left hands not justbecause they want to use the left handin game or the left side in game butbecause it’s necessary to correct andbalance the body but so a lot of yourtraining should be with the awarenessthat okay I’m fucking up my body bymaking it asymmetrical so my training.I’m going to make my body symmetricalfor instance this weekah now if you’re working on a farm and Ispent all afternoon chopping down treesthis sort of emotion so I’m not gonna doleft hand because it’s gonna slow medown on the work but I realized that I’mover developing this motion I keep doingstuff like that the muscles and thebones are gonna fall so what I do is inmy training that day I’m gonna go to theweight room we have a 25 pound weightplate or a 25 pound dumbbell and do thisa bunch of times and what its gonna dois correctand that’s why I have symmetricalshoulders what I did not used to I usedto be all fucked up right you stophigher shoulders longer arms and stufflike that but just applying this isreally fixed it so you need to look at afew things the one you’re restingpostures need to be good because that’sthe time you spend the most time in andhas the most potential for the musclesto cast around it in the body to followthe muscles rightalso you need to be looking out forsymmetrical asymmetrical movements andwork on making them more symmetrical andthat can be in your sport it can bedrinking down from the sink on this sideevery time is something I did like youneed to correct it you know I think it’sworth being a little OCD a littleobsessive compulsive actually to correctthis so that you do something with yourright hand you go and you do themovement with your left or next time youmake you know what I’m going to do itwith the other way and what will happenis imposture the muscles will pull thebone straight so that you grow tallerand you do symmetrical training themuscles will pull the bones straight sothat your shoulders are in hips and feetand ankles and knees are all aligned soeverything’s the same length you’retaller you’re more symmetrical you haveless injury you also perform better inyour sport so hope you find that usefulfor those of y’all who want morein depth and want more help want to bepart of something we have a traininggroup called game shape where we discussstuff like this help people make changeshabit changes workout plans diet plansand hold each other accountable andstuff like that so if that’s what you’relooking for there’s a link to that downbelow games jpas to a game shape there’sa link to it MTV training complex gameshape so hope you find that useful andexcited to see where it goes if youdisagree or anywhere or want a specificpoint or want to elaborate please leavein the comments as well if you are Ineed to work on this you can share whatyour issue is what the part of the badposture you find yourself sitting in orwhat the asymmetrical posture that youfor asymmetrical movement you’rerepetitively doing to share that bowland I’ll be the commitment to fix itthat always helps so that’s that’s agrowth hack secret and injury preventionsecret all at once just through betterunderstanding in the body but you haveto go out into the worldquiet so I hope you find that usefulmuch love peace beautiful day and nicelittle short break here and speak withyou soonmuch love. .

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