Grow Taller Hypnosis (Hgh Release) (Request)

Grow Taller


Hypnosis allows you to direct the subconscious mind to program the cells in your body to achieve desired results.

The epiphyseal plates, which control the age when bones stop growing and
widening, actually stop changing between the ages of 21 and 28. This means there’s a window of opportunity for those of you who are under the age of 28 to possibly encourage your brain to release the Human Growth Hormone you need to still be able to grow taller. I make no promises or guarantee, but I was persuaded by a viewer to make the video any way. So I did. I do believe the mind is a powerful thing. And if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. So good luck.

I recommend viewers watch this once every day for a month or until they see results. Ideally before bed. I also recommend the view lie down or sit in a comfortable chair as well as use stereo headphones.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Jacqueline requests here on YouTube (private message), by messaging me on or submit your video requests the way I prefer – by To: Me on Me on Twitter: Me Up on Powers is the owner, and rights holder to all of this video. All rights reserved. Copying and ripping of the audio or this video is prohibited. 10.9.2012


just focus on the spiral and allowyourself to relax focus on yourbreathing breathing in deeply breathingout slowly breathing in deep warmrelaxation that now is relaxing yourentire bodynow you just feel so relaxed as youfollow my words and lock on to my voicejust relax even more now just allowyourself to feel so goodjust breathe in this deep relaxation andallow my words to sink into your mindrelax let gofeel good I want you to imagine for menow that you’re on a pleasant hike inthe woods just taking in the lovelylandscape of hills and mountains now youfind yourself along the side of abubbling brook a long flowing stream ofwater it’s running down quickly butquietly running past you it’s a verypeaceful serene stream of water suchclear and calm waters you just see thewater running down the way and themountain air just feels so fresh and thesky looks so clear you feel really calmin this peaceful relaxing place you justfeel so at easejust take a deep breath in and a longbreath out now as you breathe in I wantyou to gather up any stress and tensionand as you breathe out take all thatstress in tension and release it and putit into the stream of water and just letit flow away from youjust breathing in this wonderfulrelaxation and breathing out any stressand tension now imagine feeling tensionbuilding up and your feet in tillstension is just building up in your feetand your toes and now you will releaseit and put it into the stream of waternow you feel the tension and it’s inyour calves the tension is building upand your calvesand now you release it and put it intothe stream of water you now feel thetension in your thighs tension isbuilding up in your thighs and nowrelease it and put it into the streamfeeling more relaxed and better andbetter now in your hands there’s tensionbuilding in your hand and now you willrelease it and put it into the streamnow feel it in your arms there’s tensionand discomfort in your arms and now yourelease it down the stream all tensionis just flowing away from you justflowing flowing away now in yourshoulders all tension and discomfortbuilding up in your shoulders and nowall those things go flowing away downthe stream more relaxed now one lasttime feel any lingering tension and feelit build up on your foreheadit’s just building and collecting onyour forehead and now feel it leavingyou completely as you now release itdown into the stream so deeply relaxedas it flows and fades away totallyrelaxed feeling so good feeling so calmfeeling nothing now just feeling calmrelaxed and peaceful and sleep closeyour eyes and feel really relaxed feelreally good now I want you to noticethat your eyelids are becomingincredibly heavy your eyelids arecompletely glued shut you may attempt toget them open but you’ll find you willnot be able to manage to get them openthe more you try to get them open thetighter they become the more you try toopen your eyes the tighter your eyelidsare glued shut and the deeper intohypnosis you go deeper and deeper andnow you stop trying to open them andfall deeper and deeper and just shapenow in a moment I’ll count from one allthe way to three and when I reach threeyou can wake up and open your eyes onetwo threewake up and open your eyes feeling goodand awake now just look up and focus ona spot on the ceiling above you take adeep breath in and see just breathe outand close your eyes and drift down allthe way just let go just drift and floatin this relaxation just allow yourselfto let go and relax and just feel sogood it just feels so good to follow mywords and it’s just so easy to listen tomy voice and it’s so easy for you todrop into trance it just keeps gettingeasier and easier each time you hear mesnap my fingers and say sleep each timeyou hear me snap my fingers and saysleep you just drop so very deep intotranceit happens each time you hear me do thisand it happens instantly and it happensautomatically and it happens in and outof trance the next time you hear me snapmy fingers and say sleep you’ll drop 10times deeper than before just let mywords sink into your mind and now wakingfrom trance 1 2 3wake up and open your eyes and take adeep sleepdropping down 10 times deeper thanbefore feeling so wonderfully relaxedfeeling so comfortable calm and safefloating in this warm pleasure and itjust gets better and better each timeyou drop into trance the next time youhear me snap my fingers and say sleepyou will drop 100 times deeper thanbefore just drift just float just let goand feel so good1 2 3 wake up and open your eyesjust take a nice deep breath in and letit out just feel so peaceful and reflecton that calm peaceful Brook justremember that soothing stream of waterso calm so clear so tranquil justrunning calmly running peacefully justkeep dropping down 100 times deeper andbefore drifting down so very deep andjust feeling so incredibly good as youdrop incredibly deep deeper than beforeand now you’ll find the next time youhear me send my fingers since I sleepyou’ll let yourself drop fully into adeep trance and you will let yourselfsink into a deep state of hypnosis andit will feel so wonderful to letyourself go and sink down all the way itwill feel so good and it will feel sopleasurable the next time you sink intothe deepest deepest sleepnow let go all the way now drift downcompletely that’s it very good just letgo and feel so good to drop down so verydeep just keep dropping even deeper witheach word you hear me say deeperdrifting deeper and sleep now sleep justdrift and focus on my voice and followmy words just ignore all backgroundnoises just let my words fill you let mywords fill your mind let my words fillyour thoughts let my words be yourthoughts and just let yourself relax andlet my words be your reality except thisnow very goodnow as I count from five all the way toone my words will be your reality andyou will accept my words as the absolutetruth five four three two one sleepdrifting floating feelings so safe calmand secure and feeling so at peace tojust let go feeling good also good justbreathing in this warm relaxation anddrifting in this pleasure of being sorelaxed and now listen carefully imaginefor me a ball of light no bigger thanyour hand it’s radiating glowing a ballof energy see it fluttering so warmlyand radiating before you this beautifulglowing ball of energy dances slowly andgracefully just hovering glowing warmlybefore your eyes you feel so calm and soenchanted by this glowing ball of lightyou feel its warmth a pleasant warmth asit glows you feel at ease as it getscloser and closer the white warm lightjust fluttering and flowing now it’sglow just seems to fill the roomand you feel it radiating inside of younow inside of your mind you feel itswarmth filling you and it’s flutteringsoftly fluttering slowly lightlycaressing your mind you feel so relaxedyou feel so good as it gently begins tohum and vibrate fluttering it’s warmglow to each corner of your mindit feels so pleasant and deeply relaxingand you feel so good enjoying thismental massage you just let go even moreletting go to feeling so good and now itjust feels as if your thoughts are nowdrifting and fading away as if thisglowing orb of light is now pulling themaway you feel your thoughts drifting andfading fading and fading leaving yourmind very calm and very quietyour mind is so peaceful and tranquilyou only hear now is the sound of myvoice all you hear now is my words inyour mind and all you feel is thiswarmth and the relaxation of this warmwhite ball of light soothing youmassaging you calming you good now feelthe light growing so much stronger as itnow removes any and all resistance thelight is removing resistance from yourmind just breathe deeply and breatheslowly and relax even more as it nowerases resistance from your mind youfeel it’s so warm pulsating lightsglowing warmly and brightly erasing anyand all resistance from your mind youfeel yourself growing soul acts and yourmuscles so loose and limp and your mindso empty calm and at peace and now Iwill count from five all the way to oneand when I reach one all resistance willhave faded away and you will surrenderall control of your mind and your bodyjust for a little while during thistrance just relaxand keep breathing deeply and slowly andfeel your resistance melting and fadingaway in five four three two one now it’sgone now just sleepnow just drift and relax you want torelax you want to let go you want todrift and just follow my words now letme control your body in your mind andnow accept my words as an absolute truthmy words are the absolute truth my wordsare your reality you believe thiscompletely and you feel so certain thatmy words are true now focus yourattention to a spot deep inside yourbrain in your brain lies a gland they’llhelp you grow tall the pituitary glandhelped you grow all the years fromchildhood to adult sense the pituitarygland has all the human growth hormoneinside it to make you grow taller andtaller until you’re as tall as you wantto be just let these words sink intoyour mind the pituitary gland is a realgland lying inside your brain its solepurpose was to help your body grow intothe adult body that it is now feel yourpituitary gland now waking up it’swaking waking upand I’m now making it work your body isnow growing getting taller and talleryour body is now back to growing like itwas in a dull sense your body nowbelieves it is still a teenager yourbody believes this even though your mindmay not your body is believing this andaccepting my words your brain is nowproducing human growth hormone yourbrain is now making you grow taller andtaller and you feel this growth in thebones of your legs and you feel it inthe bones of your shins and you feel itin the bones of your dives each secondthat passes the pituitary gland willrelease human growth hormoneevery second making you taller growthhormone will release into your body andinto your blood and will make your legsgrow taller and taller imagine for menow see yourself looking in a mirror andsee the change in your legs you look somuch taller see yourself at the perfectheight you see yourself and feel so goodto see this change in you you feelconfident and sure that this is who youreally are and who you really will bejust let these words sink into your mindyour pituitary gland inside your brainis producing growth hormone again youfeel it working and it feels good toknow you’re getting taller and tallerevery day accepting my words is true 10times stronger 100 trans truer100 times more real to grow to theheight that you want you should watchthis video at least once a day and watchthis video until you grow as tall as youlike to be remember you can be as tallas you desire to be it takes time forthis to happen it takes patience ittakes dedication it takes determinationyou now feel strongly that you aregrowing taller every minute every dayjust let this sink into your mind now ina moment I’ll be waking you from tranceand when you wake you’ll feel so verygood and refreshed and when you wakeyou’ll feel so very happy and good andbelieve fully that you are growingtaller and taller every minute and everyday that passes power to change is inyou just watch this video daily untilyou grow as tall as you want to be nowwaking from trance as I count from oneon the way to five one drifting towardswakefulness more and morethree becoming aware of yoursurroundings for almost therefive wake up open your eyes feelrefreshed and ready to enjoy the rest ofthe day thank you for watching and havea wonderful dayyou.


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