Grow Taller Pyramid Secret Review (Look At Inside Download Area)

Grow Taller

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hey guys rice I just wanted to do thisquick walkthrough on how easy it is toget set up on the grow taller pyramidsecret so I’m gonna try to be as fast aspossible so excuse me if I go quitequick anyway let’s go to the side do wedo we do we grow taller pyramid secretcom alright cool so you can take to thisside if you haven’t already checked outthe video this site please check thatout and then underneath you’re going tohave this bone here saying add to cartyou’ll also get thrown off with this onetime after which side should just youtake as you’ll be saving $46 you’ll getstage 1 29 for 197 dollars which is.Voytek dollars off so if you take upthat offer you go to this next pagerather than cool so you’ll be asked tofill out this form I’m just going tofill out really quick in fact I’veactually got okay all that deal allthose details are correct pana rightjust click this little box here hey nowokay you’ll love it you’ll go to thepage like this it won’t see this is tazmay purchase but we’ll just go completeyour order just give that a second thenwe’ll get sent to the registration pageon the go to love pyramid secret membersarea right so i’m pretty sure i’veactually got a username with that soi’ll just think of one of my other emailaddresses and let me register as lancelot that’s a good one on sword that’s anold hotmail account use name I’ll justput test 1234 you can put your own weirdand then just hit the submit cool and Ithink that as works so we’re allregistered right once you vanished ithopefully you’ve gone for the the ninemonths so yeah the net so you got stage1 29 but we’ll just click this littlelink here to get taken to the to themain part now you will actually see thelatest stage of from where the veryfirst members are on stage 11 so don’tworry about that if you do click on itwill tell you that you’re on the wrongmembership level just give it a sec yeahraw manga membership level and then wejust click that to go back but becauseyou know that you’ve paid for stage 9you’ll be able to read the best of thispost right here so that’s stage 9 i’lljust quickly just go through in factthere’s a little fast little button hereso we can just quickly skip to thestages so stage one you’ll be presentedin every single post she presented withthis video and it’s link here which willdirect you to the the workbook I’ll justquickly just go through all the all thestages of stage while then stage two ifyou join in just month to month thenstaged the stages will get dropped intomembership area and are made availableafter every 30 days sometimes you’ll getbilled and they won’t actually fall intoyour membership until about seven to twohours after it’s just because of theintegration that’s all but don’t worryabout that if you do any problems youcan just email me and like I’m justmaking sure that we’re going through allthese nine stages right now to make surethat we’ve got them all yepokay six stage 7 stage 8 and stay okayso if you get back to stage wilds giveyou a quick demonstration of theworkbook now if you’re on a Mac itshould just load up straight to eightyou guys I think a lot of computers havegot a doe Bay now so when you click thelink it should just load up the the PDFautomatically so we just can just seethere it’s just loading up let’s give ita sec also while that’s loading up youwill actually see in your inbox thatyou’ll get a receipts from clickbank soand if you want access the de loginagain you can just click there but alsoyou’ll you’ll get this which will tellyou that your I know that’s for me thatis saying that it registered yeah you’llget this receipt here if you need anysupport or anything you’ve got all thecontact information there there’s youreceive that I’ll tell you how much themembership was see if this is loaded but. I know why this doesn’t load up theirmusic and wait we just you can downloadit at the download oneokay hello full screen alright so youcan see the fattest I’ve already savethe file yet I plus two things at oncedownloads complete right I like to exitfull screen rice identify this isn’twork in the main boss I’ve justdownloaded it instead so that we canjust click it and it’s straight into thedownloads just give preview previewalways takes at least 10 second to loadupon our Marco know why I think I’mtrying to run too many things at once orsomething there we go right so basicallyyou should have seen this on that pagetheir load up but if not you can alwaysjust click the download button or if yougo here and you right click you can savelink as and a little thing can be ableto save it again into downloads okay soand i’ll just give you a quick overviewof the workbook so the word bookobviously integrates with the video thatyou watch you see you watch that youwatch the video first just by clickingthat me and my horrible intros and thenyou’ll get the workbook which will justgive you a brief summary of the video ifyou need to check out the video guythink there’s a link israel. I can see yep so if you need to go backto the side there’s a link there to thecube to stage one now do you need agoodie there what is right and then inthe work we’ve got some pictures therethe video and in the workbook itselfstart with day one and things that youneed to tick I mean obviously could putthis out you can take it you can leavesome next year so with a motivation orspur a shin there and like I say thisgoes from day 1 to day 30 and that’ll befor every single month so yeah I hopeyou enjoy that video guys that’s a quickquick quick brief video of how to getstarted as quickly as possible on thelittle pyramid secret I think this videois actually taken I don’t actually knowhim but yeah less than 10 minutes to setit all up so without guys I hope youenjoy the guerrilla prima secret whenyou join up and if you do have anyproblems just feel free to contact meand yeah I’ll speak to you soon. .

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