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Grow Taller

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Hey guys. . . . . sorry for not posting a subliminal for 2 months, but I hope to upload more frequently now. It’s my new years resolution 🙂

Use 1 – 3 times a day for a month – a year to see results

Warning: DO NOT use subliminals while driving

Imagine yourself growing to your desired height (this will increase the effectiveness of the subliminal).
(3) I am a naturally tall human
(4) As I grow tall my muscles become stronger
(5) My height will sour to 6′ 4”
(6) Subliminals work for me
(7) Subliminals has a very strong effect on me
(8) Subliminals do work
(9) What I believe become my reality
(10) I will reach the height of 6′ 4” despite my genetics
(11) As I grow taller my bones become stronger
(12) I am a naturally healthy human
(13) As I grow taller my muscles become more defined
(14) My bodyweight will be perfect for 6′ 4”
(15) I will have an extremely defined six pack when I reach the height of 6′ 4”
(16) Eating vegetables will contribute to making myself 6′ 4”
(17) I will reach my height goal of 6′ 4” in no time
(18) I will stay at the height of 6′ 4” unless I want to grow taller
(19) I can grow beyond the height of 6′ 4” if I so desire
(20) I use the power of my mind to grow taller
(21) Food makes me taller
(22) My body uses the food I take in to make me taller
(23) My body uses food to make my muscles stronger
(24) My testosterone levels are high
(25) I will grow taller
(26) I can still grow even after puberty
(27) My spine and back can withstand 500 pounds of weight
(28) I always stand upright
(29) Everytime I stretch my spine my height increases by half an inch
(30) Anything is possible
(31) Achieving my height goal is only months away
(32) I can increase my height at will

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