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hi Yogi’s welcome to yoga with Cindytoday we will be exploring hahnemannasana or monkey pose otherwise known asthe splits so today I have Donnie and.Donna with me today I get them confusedall the time Donna. Donnie all right so we’re going to beginby just going into a forward fold andthis is just to open up the adductorsthe hamstrings and the quads so what Ilike to do is take one of my manyblankets here and you will need fourblankets for this practice today orpillows or whatever you happen to havearound a stack of clothes dog cat youknow whatever so I’m going to take thisblanket and put it beneath my sittingbones and this is so there’s correctalignment within the lumbar spine as webegin to forward fold and it allows usto sit with more steadiness and ease so. I’m just going to extend my legs out infront of me and then we’ll flex the feetand point the toes just to kind of warmup the legs and the feet I’m going toinhale the arms up pull upout of the side body as I fold forwarddrawing the belly button towards thethighs reaching out in front of meplacing the palms of my hands onto thetoes the ankle or the shin so here I’mgoing to breathe deeply into the lowbelly and then exhale to allow myself tofold forward if you’re feeling anytension in the back of the knees goahead and bend your knees by drawing theheels closer to the buttocks and justlowering down over those bent kneesmaybe pointing and flexing the toes herelet’s inhale with a flat back pullingthe shoulders down the backand then exhale to fold forwardbeautiful we’ll do this a few more timesjust finding an openness breathing intoopeningexhaling to fall deeper into the asanafor the posture one more time inhale upexhale to lower hang out here for a fewbreaths once again inviting openingletting go of any expectation as weexplore the splits or hanumanasana todayyou will find that you will have tocultivate a sense of compassion foryourself you will have to allow yourselfto be where you are at and know that itis okay so we’re going to roll up thespine one vertebrae at a time coming tosit in an L shape once again checking inwith your posture moving around asneeded becoming comfortable in thisstance so take the left sole of the footand place it on the inside of the rightleg or the adductors inhale the hands upand then once again fold forward overthe extended leg you can grab the toesthe ankle or the shins or even take thehands around the foot and grab wrists asyou pull yourself forward to openlowering the head towards the knee andthe belly button towards the thigh asyou pull forward really feeling thatopenness happen in the back and sidesand top of the legbreathe in here once again exploringthat sense of compassion for yourselfbacking up if you need to not strivingto find a particular pose or what youthink something should look likejust allowing the openness to occur sowe’ll walk the hands back rolling thespine up one vertebrae at a timeshake that leg out and then we’ll extendthe left leg out pulling the rightbottom of the foot into the inner leftthigh once again inhaling the palms upreaching forward feeling nice stretchand lowering the palms wherever they mayfall and then lowering the crown of thehead towards the leg we do want to focuson drawing the hips back at all times wewant to draw the left hip back creatinga nice elongation of the left legbreathing here once again coming back tothat intention of compassion foryourself today and then walk the palmsback up rolling up the spine we canshake both legs out and this time we’regoing to draw both soles of the feettogether company into boudic and asanaor butterfly pose so oftentimes we wantto pull our body forward our headgetting our head to our toes androunding down but we really want to pullthe belly button towards the heels so ifyou’re feeling any tightness and in thelegs in the quadriceps or the adductorswe’re going to place blankets on theoutsides of the knees and then just kindof settle into your seat here shaking itout once again we’re going to inhale thepalms up draw them through heart centerand then as we draw the belly buttontowards the heels we’ll begin to extendthe chest open really finding anopenness on the inner thighs and thenwherever you feel this openness you mayhave to wiggle into it drawing yourpelvis closer to your heels maybepushing down on the kneeand then release the palms in front ofyou and just allow this opening tohappenthen here let’s walk the palms backwe’re actually going to place our palmsonto the knees making a little box withthe elbows and you’re going to leanforward maybe making it dance of itpushing one knee out and then the otherrolling side to side really opening upthat inner thigh good job ladiesand then maybe taking your palmsfingertips touching with the with thebottom of the palms face down leaningforward and placing the outside of thepalms around the feet and pushing as youpull yourself in the elbows are pointingout in front of you and you’re liftingthe big toes towards your heart spaceand now maybe you can begin to drop thecrown of the head towards the toes andwe’re creating space between theshoulder blades here as we do this andthis may create some pretty wildsensations in the hips but that’s okayit means that we’re creating openness ifit’s too much please come out of italways listen to your body and thenwe’ll just roll back up out of thismaybe shaking it out really noticing thechanges that we’ve just made in the bodylet’s go ahead and stack our blanketsback up push them off the mat for now.

I’m just going to roll on to hands andknees coming to all fours.I’m just going to take a couple ofcat cow motions in order to lubricateand open up the spine so inhale drop thebelly lift the chest exhale tuck thetailbone under and look towards thebelly button one more time inhale dropthe belly and tuck the tailbone underand drop the head good and here we’llcome to a neutral spine we’ll extend theright leg out behind us making sure tokeep our hips square and level and thendraw that knee in towards the chest andas quietly and softly as we can walkthat foot through into a low lunge andhere we’re actually going to push backthrough the left toes lifting that heelup off the ground pushing back outthrough that heel and then we’ll walkthe right foot out to the very edge ofthe mat maybe you have to adjust hereand that’s okay we just want to find anopening in the psoas region on bothinner and outer thighs so we’re going towalk the palms underneath the shouldersand you may need to drop that back kneeback down here and that is okay we canstay here begin to just open up the openup the the inner thighs wiggling withinthis asana this is called lizard posethis is a really great opener for theadductors for the inner thighs reallyopening up and here we can even placeour blankets and a stack beneath ourpelvis just to kind of sink into our toour edge we really want to play our edgehere without going too far and melt intothis hold here and if you are alreadyreally flexible and you want to get moreopening here you can take your blanketsand place them in front of you and bringyour arms so your fingertips are facingthe front of the mat and just lean intry to keep a straight back hereextending the crown of the head towardsthe front of the room good few morebreaths hereand we’ll place the palms back on thefloor and push ourselves back up kickingthe right leg or the left leg right legback onto hands and knees and we’llextend the left leg back draw it intothe chest and then silently and with asmuch control as you can place it infront of you coming to a low lunge onceagain walking the left foot out to thevery edge of the mat and finding youredge using your props as needed stackingyour blankets really sinking into thisonce again cultivating compassion foryourself acceptance of where you’re attodaythis is tough stuff splits are no jokebut you guys are going to do it justhave to practice we call yoga a practicefor a reason trust me I didn’t just wakeup and like do a handstand one day bookpractice to really be okay with yourlimitations and then lower down a littledeeper if you like keeping the backstraight reaching the crown of your headforward the back toes are tucked underor extended whichever one is mostcomfortable and safe for your kneesplace the palms onto the mat and pushyourself back up swinging that right theleft foot back into tabletop and fromhere we’re going to come into a lowlunge again extending the right leg backbringing it forward politely in withcontrol inhale the arms up exhale pullthe palms through heart center and takethe fingers interlace them and pressinto that right knee leaning in reallyfeeling a nice deep opening then theright thigh and the left inner thigh sohere we really want to keep our hipssquare tilted forward beautiful we wantto push down deep so we feel a nicestretch up the back of the legit’s really really important to keep thehips square here we can do this and fallinto it but that’s not safe for ourbodies at all we’re going to hurtourselves that way so come back up andthis time we’re going to flex the frontfoot drawing the right hip back andfolding over the front leg now yourforehead does not have to come all theway to your knee nothing has to come allthe way to the legyou play your edge you stop where youneed to stop and you open up you listento your body your body your practiceyour yoga you definitely want to breatheinto it because breathing promotesopenness of the muscleswalk the palms back forward come to ahalf lunge and then once again lean into that right leg opening up you caneven place the palms up top and if youlike we can twist in to find a deeperopening in the front leg and the frontthigh or you can stay where you were atyou don’t have to twist it all onceagain listen to your body come back upand this time we’re going to place theblankets underneath the so adds regionunderneath the thighs. I do recommend starting with a highstack then we’re going to draw the righthip back just like we did before butthis time we’re going to lift up theback knee and begin to just push thefoot back wiggling it back maybe pushingthe right heel forward until we comeinto Hanuman asana the back foot can bepointed or flex whatever is safest foryour knee whatever feels the best goodwe want to make sure here once again tosquare the hips we want to pull up outof the side body so let’s extend ourarms up and make sure that we’recomfortable where we’re at if you needmore support please find more supportjust place another blanket or pillowunderneath your so eyes and look at uswe’re doing the splits this does countas the splits it does beautiful guys andwe’re going to release the palms back tothe earth and we’re just going to gentlycome out of it pulling the right footback into a low lungeremoving the blanket and coming back tohands and knees extending the left legback behind us and then pulling itthrough quietly with controlextending the arms up and to interlacingthe fingertips placing them on top ofthe knee and pushing down opening upthat back thigh sinking in dropping thehips in opening the hipsand then come back to neutral and drawthe right the left hip back as we extendthe left foot pointing the toes up andfold over the left leg once againfinding your own openness keeping thehips square so the right the left hipwill have a tendency to kick out here wereally want to draw that back in liningup the hips once again beingcompassionate for yourself and acceptingwhere you are at today coming back toyour breath always using your breath asa means of openness as a way to connectwith your bodywith your goalswe’ll walk the hands back forwardbending the left kneeonce again dropping the hips and openingup beautiful drop in the back kneessinking in I get some smiles ladiesthere you go mmm not that bad then placethe palms back down and once again drawthe left hip back extending the leftfoot falling over the leg opening upwalk the palms forward and come back toa neutral position grab your blanketsand place them beneath your pelvicregion the taller the stack the betterat first and this way we can begin tobuild up towards more openness so onceagain draw the left hip back and kind ofsit on your blanket extend the rightheel up and back and begin to open upand walk your heel back and forwardsliding on to those blankets once againbeing mindful of the hips squaring thehips the back toe can be tucked undergood and look guys we’re doing splitharmon asana monkey poseokay now I’m singing songs what the heyyoga’s fun see and then we’ll just hangout here and also I wanted to show youguys that if you if you would like youcan begin to remove blankets as youcontinue to practice getting into thesplits get closer and closer to thefloor to do actual full splits whatyou’re actually doing right now but ifyou really want to get down to the flooryou know just start removing yourblanket all right so we’re going tobegin to walk the back knee up mindfullycarefully bending the front knee andswing it back to hands and kneesand then we’ll go ahead and release backinto Child’s Poseplacing the forehead to the earthremembering to breathe to thank yourselffor finding compassion today andallowing yourself to move maybe pastyour limitations or to stay within yourlimits that is a very beautiful thing so. I’m going to roll up you ladies can staywhere you’re at and you can thank youso much for coming to your mat today andfor challenging yourself to trysomething new or inviting yourself toexpand your knowledge on something youmay have already known a little bitabout honeymoon asana the splits Ireally appreciate you please like thisvideo so you come back and watch it afew times a week to really work your wayinto the split so you can start removingone blanket at a time until you’re allthe way to the ground thank you so muchfeel.


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