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Grow Taller

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This girl wanted to grow taller. Christians are divided over this. Here’s my perspective: if it really bothers and effects you negatively…why not pray for it?

One person’s problem not be another person’s problem (e.g., acne). Most of the complaints I hear are from tall people. And it’s easy for them to not support this kind of miracle. Why? They are tall. I know many people who have struggled with their height their entire lives. And if you’re secure with it, then that’s fine. But if you’re not, then that’s fine too. What is your desire?

God is a lot nicer than you think..

no skeptic okay right so in Jesus’s name.I command the left leg come out rightnow in Jesus name Oh the left leg rightit’s an imperfectly left leg come outright now in Jesus name grow more feelthat already see I felt that already youfeel itmore I’m not even pulling I’m notpulling what’s that uh now now you wantto look the font is going there no no noyou want to grow taller let’s see herelet’s see your left leglet’s see your left leg go okay so didyou see it so watch punt I now die now. I’ll show you I’ll even show you evenmore watch watch watch so watch yourleft leg your left leg was shorternow watch left leg come out more in. Jesus’s name grow there see more I feelthat Wow. I can really feel that Thank You Laurenmore yes you’re gonna feel it one morewheat grains more gory no right now yourright leg is shorter right you’re gonnamake sure to watch thisright leg is love here now your rightlegs longer going more more MORE stillcoming out more more you gotta feel moreokay see God’s good right more keepgoing more keep coming out moremore do I get more no morewatch watch look how the power and youget the power of the word stop go backcome back out now watch right leg catchup go it’s going it’s moving I can seeyou’re moving to be honest if you letthe saw at this close look it’s stillgoing the right leg still going looka lot of likes coming out now I’m noteven saying anything I’m not even sayinganything anymorethat’s awesome alright it’s moving aswell yeah it stands it out there yeahwhen your feet up when your feet upfront aina hainasee this real quick let’s see this fromwhere the shoescall meyou. .

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