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Grow Taller

If you haven’t watched the first video yet: Subtitles: Workout & Nutrition program:

In this video I talk about the reaction the internet had to my recent video about growing taller where I exposed the truth – you can’t grow taller. Which I thought should be obvious.

Shoutout to the people staring in part 1: Ram Ghuman and his ” How To Grow TALLER & Increase Your HEIGHT – MY SECRETS REVEALED!! ” + ” How To Grow Taller In 1 Week – THIS REALLY WORKS! ” crap videos, the official “how to grow taller” crap channel, my favorite comedian Gatis Kandis and his actually helpful video and the rest of the guys videos featured in the previous video.

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hey what’s up guys and welcome toanother one before the video begins Ireally want to thank you guys in thelast video I mentioned how great of ahelp it is when you guys contribute withsubtitles for my videos and on the sameday I got like subtitles from Spain and.Russia and Germany and England it’s sucha great help for this channel you knowwithout you guys I couldn’t run thischannel obviously so this is one of thegreatest ways you guys can help thischannel grow suddenly a lot more peoplefrom Germany can understand the videoand so on you get the point is thereanything else I can interrupt this videowith we’re almost at 300,000 subscribersthat’s awesome that’s insane man and Igot something great coming for when wehit 300,000 okay fuckin let’s start theactual video so as you probably know Irecently posted a video addressing thetopic of whether it’s possible to gettaller by doing specific exercises andfollowing a specific diet and so on andthis video caused a lot of controversy Ieither got like really good responsefrom the people who understood the videoand I got the message what I was tryingto tell that you obviously can’t doanything to grow taller that’s all yourgenes or I got like really pissed offpeople who are really mad and reallythought this was a shitty video and Ithink this is interesting to talk aboutso the reason I made this video in thefirst place was because I saw a lot ofbullshit videos revolving the topic ofgetting taller and they got a lot ofviews like they’d gotten some of themgot millions of views and hundreds ofthousands of views and I think it’s mostlikely because it’s something that Ilove guys especially are insecure aboutyou know their height people want to betaller and the videos I watched it wasjust the usual shitty fitness scamr advice videos and they spend alot of time explaining how you can eatand workout in certain ways that willgrow a taller I feel like they takeadvantage of people’s insecurities andgain a lot of views in that way andthat’s why I wanted to make the video ifyou haven’t watched it by the way clickin the description down below so Ithought it was my duty to review a fewof these shitty videos and be like guysfuck’s sake you can’t do anything togrow taller like I mean come onbut Chris can we do anything no youcan’t do anything obviously you can’t doanything to grow taller I thought thiswas obvious sorry but like use yourcommon sense and don’t believe anythingyou watch or readonline and especially don’t believers except for this guy of course. I I’m just kidding guys be criticalabout anything you watch these peopleare just telling you what you want tohear that you can grow taller andgaining a lot of views that way and atleast like if you look up how to growtaller on I’m happy that myvideo is now number two right under theasian beauty secrets video on how togrow taller so people can actually learnthe truth about this this was such afunny video to make I really enjoyed theprocess and I got like a lot of viewsand a lot of likes and my subscribersand it just exploded by this one as Isaid before it also got a lot ofdislikes this video is in fact in thenumber two most disliked video I’ve evermade and I’m really happy that I can behonest with you guys and so on but Ihave not expected that it would get likemore dislikes than the actual likebullshit scamming videos and I thinkthat’s really interesting I believe thereason why they didn’t like it is verysimple people don’t always want thetruth look at this comment for instance. I’m trying to get taller and this vidwas so discouraging fuck you Chris youtake the home away from usvery disappointed like some peoplerather want like false hopes the hope ofactually getting taller I feel like it’slike people online they rather wantbullshit than actual truth it’s likepeople enjoy it it’s so weird I don’tunderstand it it’s the same with youknow this guy you all know Lance Stephen. Stephen Lance what the fuck is he calledtwo seconds I gotta look it up lionsteward that’s his name it’s the samewith this guy Alliance stewards Ghostvideos I’m like how can people actuallyenjoy this how can they get so manylikes of this it’s obviously fake andit’s like if you look at the commentspeople actually believe that he’s beinghaunted but I think it’s because peoplewant to believe it and of course peopleare very naive and all that and 90% ofthe internet is fucking stupid peopleare fucking retards not you probably notyou but a lot of people are reallyreally stupid it’s like people don’tgive a fuck if it’s fakesome people rather want to be fat withbullshit I guess people also expect itmay be a serious video of someoneexplaining how to grow taller because Icalled it like how to grow taller in aweek even though obviously it’simpossible but what they got was a dudesayingthis is fucking retarded you can’t doanything obviously just to geteverything in place your height isdepending 100% on your jeans you knowthe height that you will end up being ifnot anything goes wrong and that’s ofcourse based on the assumption that youhaven’t starved as a baby you’ve gotenough to eat throughout your life andyou got enough sleep in your teenageyears and so on there are of course likefactors that can affect your height butit’s more like stuff that can preventyou from being as tall as you should belike starving no sleep for a longer timeperiod and if you workout with likereally heavy weights pressing on down onyour spine that’s actually said to havesome kind of effect on your height aswell but it really takes a fucking lotif it has to actually affect your heightthat’s not something that like justhappens also I noticed another thingthat people were really pissed about wasthe clickbait of the video like peopleaccused me of click baiting click baittidal totally click bait fuck you Chrisclick bait good click bait bitch that’smaybe even one of the main reasonspeople dislike the video like take alook at this comment for instance if youdon’t like people making click baitvideo then why did you make this one aclick bait as well by the way I reallylike your new videos the comedy isreally good thank you very much and Iunderstand your question but I thinkactually their replies to the commentsis exactly my thoughts as well they alsohave some really good points this guy’ssaying maybe because people will clickon it to like the other bait videos andknow the reality by this video and wouldeventually stop clicking on more videosthat’s a really good point and then yeahthis guy’s saying it’s called satireyeah that’s exactly though it was like ajoke as well the title this guy alsopointing out you should have realizedit’s a joke by just reading the tigertitle was just to make fun of the peoplelike I just took one of their titles andcopy pasted it basically like how togrow taller one week so the title hadlike a double of Fame to kind of madefun of the people I was criticizing andreached a lot of people at the same timeand like I’m gonna be honest with you ofcourse I want as many people as possibleto watch my videos you know I’m ar like I want people to click onmy shit and if I just believe that thecontent is great enough for people towatch it like then I don’t have aproblem like I agree that the videowas like kind of click baby but I thinkit was in a good way I’m reallysatisfied with it I’m just happy toshare the truth and the people whodidn’t like it it’s not the people that. I want following me anyway so I’ll like100% just make the videos I want to makeand just be honest about everything andnot really give a fuck if people agreeor disagree I’m just being honest howmany times I said this now I’m justbeing honest um but I think that’s justround of this video by checking some ofthe comments on the house decor tallervideo because there are some reallyfunny onesand some really interesting ones as wellthree thousand hobbits disliked is funnymedia maybe he’s right like maybe it’sall the sharp people who found out thatthey could not do anything to growtaller and then they just like the videoyou’re so funny and kid dude thank youthank you very much how to grow tallerjust sleep longer that’s just not theway I want to put it it’s more like ifyou want to make sure not to harm yourgrowth you should make sure that you’resleeping enough like if you’re alreadysleeping like like 8 or 9 hours everynight you can’t just sleep like 15 hoursevery night and then get taller itdoesn’t work like that.

Divac right so retarded comments here’sanother one basically you can get tallerby sleeping a lot and eating Trouperhealthy but only as a kid after that youcan’t get taller like where does he getthis info this is obviously not trueappreciate it Chris that you’re reallythe only only published its truth inyour videos and I’m only damned falseinformation for getting views hope youall have a nice day in the space guyswell thank you very muchthese nice comments they mean everythingto me when I get like cheering commentsfrom you guys it really motivates me tokeep doing what I do and it means a lotour people crazy your height isdetermined by you by your geneticsperiod exactly this guy got it right youmake me laugh ha ha ha thank you manthank you very much I’m just happy tomake you guys happy that’s allyou’re a liar Chris you just want tokeep the secret to get taller foryourself shame on you 208 likes what thefuck the reason I’m tall like I’m noteven that tall compared to other peoplein Denmark it’s unlike pretty standard90 centimeters the reason I’m told isjust fucking genetics like it’s nothingbut that I don’t have any secrets and if.I had secrets I could be the firstperson to tell the world how to growtallerwhy wouldn’t I share that then I wouldget like even more views then I couldwrite a book about how to get taller andmake a lot of money and all that whywould I keep that secret to myself thisguy’s probably just joking I don’t butit’s hard to find out sometimes ifyou’ll come if you are joking in yourcomments or whatever there are so manyretards out there so you don’t know ifhe’s actually joking or not instructionsunclear dick lost in space fuck youbitchyou make that video just to get views. Richie kits TV why else should I makevideos I mean of course I make videosbecause I want people to watch the videobecause I want to have an impact orwhatever like what’s wrong with thatfucking idiot eating the correct foodsand drinking a lot of milk and eatingbananas will make you taller and growand exercise will make you taller periodnormal fucking videos on how to get talljust what just stop thinking about itand eat and exercise this is maybe someof the most retarded kind of comments. I’ve ever got on my videos know so manypeople writing comments about howplaying basketball will make you taller. I heard basketball helps you grow that’sfucking retarded I’m sorry but that’s soretarded swimming and basketballworkouts work because they are meant formaking the person taller just playbasketball every day a lot of kids herein our place that are younger than meare getting taller and taller just byplaying basketball just play basketballand jump alive and jump as high as youcan that’s it like how is that gonnamake you taller it doesn’t make anysense guys start playing basketball withfifteen sixteen seventy years don’t knowis if it’s coincidence but that helpedme um sorry to break it to you but ithas nothing to do with you playingbasketball obviously I know that manypeople playing basketball also on aprofessional level that they are tallbut you do realize that it’s not becausethey have grown tall or by doing thesport it’s because it is often peoplewho are good at basketball who are toldthere’s a way if you probably basketballor volleyball or some spoiled thatinvolvejumping a lot you will grow more then ifyou don’t blow Plattsburghso do sport kids don’t do drugsthis guy has a good point don’t do drugsplay basketball why do you thinkbasketball players are so fucking talljust jerk offthat’s not gonna get you taller bigsurprise Idol how to grow tall in oneweekfirst words how to grow tall and 12weeks cancer clickbait this was kind oflike a part of the joke it’s so annoyingwhen people don’t get when I’m jokingfucking retard you’re no better than thepeople you talk about clickbait as titlefuck tard bloody clickbait poof screwthat shitty r sorry I pissed youoff. Thomas new mop I think you were being abit of a meanie there’s an experimentalsurgery in Canada where some crack canbreak your legs then stick a screw intoyour bones each week you like to screwup and your bone will mend around thescrew growing bigger than before costabout 60 K there just to be clear thereare actually a way you can get talleras this guy points out there there’sactually a surgery you can do but that’sfucking insane like but that’s like Ithink that’s the only thing you canactually do to grow taller then yourgenetics would make you just the rightworkouthave patience don’t give up you canachieve any fitness goal good lucknow you can’t you can’t grow taller justby being patient and whatever and nevergiving up but Chris how to get sexy hairlike yours I don’t know it’s I don’tknow I just it’s genetics man it’sfucking beautiful in my hair I reallylike my hair I think I’ll probably makea hair tutorial soon holy shitwhatever I’ll just put this bag on reactto more videos the way you edit andreact is fucking hilarious thank you I’mgonna do a few more reaction videosprobably as I said this was really funto make this guy.

I will fuck you jeez Louise love thetitle.I click thank you I hope you liked thisvideo let me know down below what youthink about this I really want to hearyour thoughts as well this channel isjust as much about you guys and what youthink I like to make some discussion anddebate in the comment section and I readalmost like every comment I know itsounds crazy but I do really so let meknow what you think and I’ll see youguys in the next video goodbye. .

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