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Hi Friends, In this video, I will try to explain how you can increase your own height by some basic Indian method, don’t worry about height. All of this method I also applied on own and now my height is 6 feet 1 inch.

Basically, height depends on three major factor first is parents, secondly is diet and third one is exercise.

Our 90% of height depends on our parents because we have same DNA because of that our body secret same type of hormones that’s why we attain height as like parents.

The second one is diet, without diet, you can’t increase height irrespective of parental region, because energy is the main factor of increment in height, if you have energy than your height can be increased.

The third one is exercise. exercise is the only way increment in height without parental DNA . some of the important exercises are starching. If you do starching daily at least 10 minutes then in your body a type of flexibility increase in your backbone, that is the main region of increment in height. second important exercise is runing, if you do runing at least 3 to 4 km. then your body flexible and height will be increased . third and last very important is if you walk 100 meters on your feet, then a type of force is applied on mussels and it becomes flexible so this exercise is very helpful for increment in height.

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