Height Feet :) How To Increase Height To 6 Feet In One Week Naturally!!!

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Height 6 ft !!! How to Increase Height to six ft in one Week Naturally!!!

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Height 6 ft !!! How to Increase Height to 6 ft in 1 Month you want to be good looking and smart, you should have a good height, because height increases our personality. Most of the people worried about their height because they have not good height.

If you want to increase your height up to 6 feet, please take some fruits that help in growing your height.

1. Guava- Guava is full of vitamin C, vitamin A, and magnesium that are required for bones. In Guava vitamin C is approx 380%, vitamin A 12% and magnesium os approx 6%.

2. Spinach- Spinach is full of Magnesium and iron. That makes our bones so stronger, and if you drink the juice of it daily, then it can be increased your height.

3. Lemon- Lenon is full of vitamin C and magnesium that helpful for your health.

4. Green Apple- Green apple is enriched with vitamin and calcium that make your muscles stronger, so it will be helpful in your height increment.
5. Banana- Banana is full of vitamin, protein, magnesium, iron, and calcium. That gives you lots of energy, and with the help of it, your body will grow for watching..

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