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hi I’m Tara Stiles and today on the yogasolution I’m going to show you a greatand simple routine that you can do forbeginners to focus on breathing andmoving with the breath let’s get startedwe’ll start sitting up nice andcomfortably however you can sit easilyso gently close your eyes let your handssoften on your thighs simply beginningto draw your attention a little bitdeeper it inward just starting to watchyour inhales and your exhales as theycome and gosimply beginning to lengthen and deepenyour inhales and exhales here so settinga nice big and full and easy pace ofbreath you can stay with for a while sotake a big inhale reach your arms allthat up over your head and at the top ofthis close your eyes bring your palmsright together we’ll bring your palms infront of your chest and gently plug yourthumbs into your heartbeat we’ll take abig inhale up through your noseand long exhale out through your mouthnice more time just like that big inhalelong exhale last one just like that biginhalehow long exhaleand gently relax your hands back on yourthighs coming back to your breath sotake a big inhale reach your right armall the way upward and then as youexhale cross the arm place it right ontop of this opposite knee oppositefingertips right behind your body sotake a big inhale lengthen all the wayupward and then as you exhale gentlyspinning around a little further alittle easier and just another time likethat on your own big inhale to lengthenand long exhale to spin you around so atthe bottom of your exhale bring thisback arm all the way up and over nicebig are grab a hold of opposite kneesand at the weight of your head and neckhang downward maybe sway a little bitside to side and just breathe a lot whenyou’re ready slowly rolling all thatfrom that one here seeing the other sidereach the left arm all the way upwardand then we’ll cross this arm over pressit on top of this thigh opposite fingersright behind you big and held it up niceand tall and long exhale to gently spinyou around a little further and a fewmore times like that on your own and theblob with your next exhale gate we’llbring this back arm all live it over anice big arc and pressing both hands onopposite knees at the weight of yourhead and neck soften in again maybe swaya little side to side if that feels goodand when you’re ready gently bringyourself all the way back up trim middlewe’ll press your fingertips right behindyour body on the ground as you push downreach your chest right upward toward theceiling maybe even lift your hips alittle bit here if that feels nicemaking you some space and when you’reready easing yourself all the way backto your middle so again just for amoment here close your eyes let yourhands soften on your thighs just payattention to your breathjust saying nice and calm and easy we’llmeet up on all fours here on your handsand knees and just take your time as youfind your way into this one here no rushto hurryletting the fingers spread nice and wideso we’ll just start to move a bitthrough your spine with your breath hereso as you inhale dropping your belly allthe way down to the ground lookingupward and as you exhale rounding allthe way in tucking your chin and we’lljust move around here a few more timeslike that on your own if it feels evenbetter to move a little differentlymaybe a little side to side or aroundand circle one way or the other way justanyhow that feels good to start toreally match your movements with yourbreath and start to get everything openand working in your spine and when youare ready here we’re gonna tuck yourtoes sort to lift ribs all the way upand back to a nice downward dog hereseeping news a very full big inhale tolift yourself all the way up so thebreath is really starting to fuel themuscles here and hailing lifting up niceand long and then the exhale softeningyou a little further here just gonnalift up onto your toes take a big inhalelifting up nice and long and then as youexhale soften the heels right back inone more time just like that here biginhale lifts you right up and then asyour exhale soften the heels and relaxso keeping your heels right wherethey’re at the back of mat we’ll crawlyour hands all the way back there niceand simple and at the weight of yourhead and neck soften into the groundhere I’m keeping your head and neckreally easy we’ll roll up to send onevertebra at a time and once you doarrive up to your very top at a big hugeshine inhale fill your arms all the wayto the top of this one we’ll grab a holdof your left wrist with your right handand as you inhale lift it all the wayupward here so much up that maybe yousimply run out of up here and starttipping over to your side like a nicebig arc when you’re ready rolling allthe way back to your middle and samething up and over the other side you’regrabbing a hold of the right wrist withyour left hand again inhale takes youall the way up and maybe a little bitover here maybe soften the knees alittle bit to give your body a littlemore space are you ready rolling back toyour middle again letting go of thattail bones drop chest up spitting inhalethen as you exhale softening all they’vebeen over hereand keeping your heels right where they.I will crawl your hands all the wayright back at your nice downward dog tryto keep your heels glued into the groundeven when they pop off a little bit keepsending them all the way back and justsoften the heels relax your head andshoulders so we’ll tuck your chin gentlyroll all the way at your plank pose nicebig long wave for your whole spine andonce you’re out real slowly ease yourknees down to the ground here we’ll bendyour elbows lower all the way down tothe ground you’re lying on yourbellies so for this one here gentlyinterlace your hands behind your backthough your legs gotta take a big inhaleto lift yourself all the way up and thenjust keep breathing here a few long deepbreaths exhale soften a little bitinhales lengthen and make a little bitof space and then as you exhale softenall the way back down we’ll press yourpalms on the ground right next to yourchest keeping your knees on the groundgently shift your hips up and back tosit on your heels we’ll take a big giantbreath here and your Child’s Pose atyour forehead soften when you’re readywe’ll come back onto the hands and kneesagain restore your fingers nice and widetuck the toes and take a big inhale tolift yourself all the way up so themuscles are just starting to go alongfor the ride of your breath and againwe’ll slowly start to walk your feet allthe way up toward your hands this timeone step at a time and once you’re allthe way upward here again just foldinginward and staying easy we’ll roll onevertebra at a time once you do arriveall the way upward here big inhale liftsyou all the way enough then eyes youexhale softening all the way right backup and over great again just like thathair staying easy we’ll roll up onevertebra at a time no hurry and once youdo arrive all over here big inhale fillsyou right up and then as you exhalesoftening all the way right back up andover okay one more time just like thathere although I’ve been all the way backover really simply beginning to allowyour body to move along with the ride ofyour breath here every inhale openmaking a little bit more room and spaceand length and every exhale softeningcarrying a little further and deeperinward I sponsor settled in next inhalelengthen up to a long flat back lookingoutward and will press your palms stepright back to your plank pose again topof your push up and again real slowlywe’ll lower all the way down to theground you’re lying on your belly thistime once you’re down press your palmson the ground right next to your cheststart to roll your shoulders and yourback take a big inhale lift up just abit here and then exhale soften at theback of the neck be nice and long andagain press your palms inhale lengthen alittle bit more and then exhale soften alittle bit further one more time justlike that here press your palms inhalelift up a little bit maybe even sway alittle side to side make a little bitmore room and space here in the spineand again just drop your shoulders onyour back take a big inhale lengthen upthrough the spine here use each breathand when you’re ready softeningeverything all the way down and we’llpress your palms on the gun right nextto your chest keeping your knees on theground gently shift your hips up andback to sit on your heels take a biggiant breath here and your Child’s Poseat your forehead soften keeping yourhips your heels or roll up to sit onyour heels shoulders right on top ofyour hips so again take a big and Ireach your arms all and up over yourheadtopless one clothes drive bring yourpalms together bring your palms right infront of your chestand again gently plug your thumbs inyour heartbeat take a big inhale liftingeverything up and long exhale all theway out a couple more times just likethat big inhaleand long exhale last one just like thatbig inhale and long easy exhale gentlyrelax your hands back on your thighs letme back to your breath here when you’reready open your eyes and great job sothere you have it a great routine thatyou can do for beginners to start tofocus on breathing and moving with thebreath I’m Tara Stiles and I’ll see younext time on the yoga solution now thatyou really got a handle on yourbreathing try this next video to startincorporating balance poses into yourpracticeremember to stay easy and have fun. .

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