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hey everyone its Tara Stiles hope you’rehaving an awesome day so far so today.I’m going to show you a nice and simpleroutine that you can do to work uptoward the splits if you’re interestedin working toward the splits if youalready know how to do the splits that’sgreat to upload a video response and wecan all do splits so yoga is not aboutthe pose as we all know but the splitsfeels really good because it opens upthe hamstrings and the back too andyou’ll leave with a lot more space inyour body and brain alright so we’llstart at a nice low lunge right legforward left leg all the way back andsink your hips down take a few breathsmaybe shift around side to side andforward and back so you really want tostart to open up your hips especially ifyou’re going to be releasing a lot oftension in the hamstrings and the hipsgently ease your back knee down to theground here take a few breaths andlingering here we’ll come into arunner’s stretch here so tucking yourback toes so just shift your hips allthe way back to sit on this back heelletting your front leg relax down andbreathe a lot here so not so much aboutstretching here more releasing so bigand how to lengthen make a little bit ofspace and long exhales move your rightinto that new space so the fuller anddeeper you breathe um more room opens upso a lot of times when we’re workingwith flexibility you start to tense andhold your breath we really want tobreathe deeply come all the way backinto your nice low lunge tuck your toeslift your hips all the way up to a niceeasy single leg forward bend relax thewhole back over this leg square off ofthe hips here rolling your front hipback and the back hip forward and thenwe’ll come all the way back into yournice low lunge ease the knee down sookay we’re going to go for here sosliding the back heel and don’t worryabout going all the way down especiallyif there’s no room yet this can be thesplits this is a perfect perfectlygood split here all good. Just Breathe a lot if there’s a littlebit more room and they’re starting toslide the heel out a little bit more andagain just breathe breathe support ifthere’s a little bit more room start toslide the knee back a little bit andit’s good to stay in stages here don’tever go fast or push or force anythingif there’s a little bit more room justsliding back even more and justbreathing a lot if your hips are alreadyon the ground that’s cool maybe stretchthe arms upyou can untuck the back toes especiallyif there’s no pain and then either ifthere is pain or tenderness in the kneejust keep the back toe stuck there mayberoll around a little side to side ifthat feels nice but again just keepbreathing a whole lot and then we’llunravel all the way to this one herecome right into a plank pose and we’llswap sides left leg forward right legall the way back relax your hips justbreathe a lot and again we ease yourback knee down to the ground breathehere a little while so again we’ll comeinto that runner stretch tuck in yourback toes sort of shift your hips backto sit on this back heel and again bigfull deep breaths over this leg biginhale lifts you up a bit like a bigballoon and long exhale soften and relaxyou a little further when you’re readyslowly bring yourself up from that onebut keep the fingertips on the groundtuck the toes or to lift your hipsstraight up and let your torso here justfold and release over the Schlagebreathe a lot again we’ll soften theback knee down here so we’ll go for itslide in the heel forward again this canbe your split right here nothing wrongwith that that’s totally fine so maybestay here for a few breathsif there’s a little bit more room toslide your heel forward again somethingto do maybe start to inch that back andyou back a little bit and just breatheeasy wherever you arebig long inhales and easy exhales ifyou’re all the way down start to reallyopen up the front of your body to youthat’ll feelreally nice just keep breathing and thenwhen you’re ready sitting all the way tothe side and you can try that as manytimes as you want back and forth themore you do this more space opens up sohave a good time if you are doing thesplits post a video response I’d love tosee it if you’re struggling with a splitso it’s fine to put speedy response I’dlove to see italright I’m Tara Stiles and I’ll see youlater. .

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