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hi everyone it’s Daisy here withbreakout pilates and I’ve got a reallynice stretching routine for you so youcan take these stretches and hold themfor as long as you want they’re focusedmostly on hip release and juststretching up via glutes as well hopeyou enjoy this let’s start by stretchingout the hip flexors take your feet innice and close way to pull the tummynice and tight deep breath in up ontothe toes and breathe out release littlesoft knee bent inhale liftkill the tummy stretch out and come downlast two deep breath in one more timebig lift up stretch and take those feetout a little wider turn your toes out tothe sides just pull the hip bonesunderneath let’s twist the hips over tothe right leg raise your left arm updeep breath in as you breathe out we’regoing to drift it down push the hipsbackswap arms at the bottom lift a left deepbreath here and bring that same otherside and lift now as you get brave withthis one push your hips back further andlift deep breath outand apps that’s a really nice one to dojust a few times through or even for aminute or so just to release off thosehips stretch out your hamstrings let’scome down onto the mat and just increaseour hip mobility now you’re going tocome down with you outside of your carfacing on the mat so we’ll start withthe right leg right leg is going to comedown left leg strap your back relax itdown press evenly through both hips sonice big shapes sitting up nice and tallyou want to increase it into your righthip specifically come down and stretchif you’re extra flexible try walking thehands out and resting down so your otherstretch option here if you have reallytight hip flexors your quad neatstretching come into a position calledpigeon it’s my favorite one to mentionin class because of the name take yourhand back to the inside of your ankledraw the foot up press down through thathip and if you can bring your other armoff the floor and I’ll just deep breathdown into thatand release let’s go over onto the otherside so twisty yourselves around thiswill give you a good view of what itlooks like from the other angle outsidethe left calf rest it downstretch your right leg back and press soyou can see this hip is off the floor aswell we want to press evenly downthrough both hips so just alive whileyou stretch out first this is lovely todo in the sunshine hopefully you’reenjoying it wherever you are to comedown onto your elbows relax the body sotry not to hunched Lu the shoulders justrelax into the stretch if you want me toa little further forward come down ontothat legand again as you lift up you’ll see thisfrom the other angle now I’m going totake my hand with my right take my hattake my foot with my right handsweet throughout press down throughthose hips and then left so as you cansee what I’m really ringing massagethrough the spine my tummy is holding anamazing time reach up and release downlast little stretch we’re going to docome over onto your backbring yourself downfrom here take your right foot over thetop of the left leg turn the knee outlet’s reach with our left side give it abig squeeze innow there’s three variations to thisstretch your normal pull in we can takethe same hand out press against the kneebig big stretch up feels lovely yourthird option take the hands reach forthe calf and pull it in now you do needto be quite flexible for that one butthis will increase your stretch ifyou’re already very flexible and mobilein your hip area so just take some deepbreaths out and hold and release otherside so the outside of your ankle isgoing just above your knee caps on thetop of the thigh and weak so you’retaking the non stretching leg again yourlittle walk through sleep Antony littlepush out so you should feel that stretchnow around the outside of your hip we’lltake the hands up to the calf and yourit down.I’m released just use your legs to easeyourself back out press thank you verymuch I hope you enjoyed it and as alwayssee you next time bye bye. .

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