How Can I Grow Taller If My Growth Plates Are Closed?

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so everyone is the GTG coming to youfrom Singapore to the NY sea and today’svideo is a question from a guy who’sbeen asking over and over and over againand I really started taking so long todo a video but anyway.Matthew zoom:1 is his usernamenow Matthew is 20 years old he is 5 foot6 and he wants to know if his growthplates are closed is it still possibleto grow taller now we’ve been asking methis on pretty much every single video Ijust been taking my time to get round tothis but yeah how can I go taller if mygrowth plates are closed is the question guys it’s one of those like vagueareas that no one really goes into anydetail over and no one really knows youknow if it’s true or if it’s not truewhat’s the what what’s the deal hereright so a lot people’s doctors arequite willing to say oh yeah if yourplace of clothes then you cannot growtaller well when do when do our platesclosed off oh when you’re about 21 andthen someone else’s dogs will say ohwhen you’re about 20 Ohafter puberty when you’re 25 it’s alllike there’s no there’s no there’s nocorrect answer light all these doctorsit does behead him because you didn’tknow what be doing there aren’t heartspecialists in you that they don’t knowwhat they’re talking about and theyhaven’t got significant amounts ofresults from people doing go to allprograms to actually say well this isthis is the average and yeah I thinkactually you might be able to probablyjust know these are the rules you can’tdo it so it kind of just take what yourdoctor says about growth plates with apinch of salt okay and you know me Iknow I never take things at face valuemy doctor said to me when I was puffingno that’s it you’re done lungs donegrowingbut yeah I’m 6 foot 3 now so can youexplain that one dark and the thing isif you go back to him and say oh yeah bythe way I have grown a bit of syrups. r. o you were looking Oh late bloomerthat’s not scientificit’s just like what you know it’s asight it’s just heaven Ohone of those things about so to gosomething out I’ve been doing this nowsince 2007 is when I first started thewhole grow taller thing and otherclients who are in even in themid thirties experienced growth of up tosix inches so whether their plates wereclosed down or not I’m not entirely surebut I’m pretty much sure by the age oflike maybe 25 or 30 that they would havebeen closing.

I always I always say that once you pass30 the lightly hoody be growing any morethan three inches is a blessing reallyyou know is is that quad points butbefore three three six inches isdefinitely possible regardless ofwhether your growth plates are open ornot and somebody sits quite hard for mebecause not a lot people want to givetestimonial because people don’t wantother people to know that they’ve used agood taller program so it’s quite hardto say look can you just can you justtell people your story it’s really hardif they have but you know the thing isis that a lot of people who have growntaller and perhaps the plates wereclosed they haven’t actually had itchecked to see whether the plates wereclosed before they started the program.Fiona bean so it’s like I think I thinkfrom what people tell me it’s quite anexpensive thing to get checked and thenthey have to do like a specialist x rayor something to measure whether theplates are actually closed but guys guysguys you know like I say I’ve testedthis bit for over how long now fiveyears and people in in the age rangefrom 12 to 35 have still managed to gainthe six inches you know so I wouldn’tit’s one of those things man it’s justlike it’s one of those viruses that getsinto people’s heads and it justdistracts the focus slow like no offenseto Matthew but Matthews kept askingthis question over and over again andit’s as though that that’s the focus youknow it’s like well if if my plates areclose then I’m just going to understand. I’m just going to give up I’m just goingto forget about it because the doctorsays that if my plates are closed then Ican’t do screw all the doctor says manthe doctor isn’t bothered the doctordoesn’t care about your hopes and dreamsthey cannot wash about you that theyjust want to do their job and go see thenext patient you know so just ignorewhat they say and just carry on withyour dream man because I hate it becausepeople will just focus on ohno I’ve been told this and that whenthat becomes your focus it’s like anytime that you’ve ever actually achievedsomething where you’re focusing on thenegative or the positive we focusing onthe results or the destructive opinionof what people say you know and quiteoften your fire that if if you’ve everachieved something it’s because youlooked beyond the obstacle and becauseyou saw the goal in the end you know yousaw yourself taller or you saw yourselflose weight or you saw yourself I’mgonna rich you or in a better job and itwasn’t because you thought oh I’m justgonna accept the circumstances you knowit’s not like that’s also just and justtake what doctors say the pinch of saltthey really drive me crazy you know that. I also think as well like I mean I’mdoing like a muscle training program andbody builders that peak is actually 35years old so I think to myself well myprogram primarily promotes like growthhormone and why why can’t people whorelease that growth hormone like putinto the heart even up to the age of 35there’s there’s just no way that likegrowth plates are the be all and end allit’s just not true man so so yeah youknow it’s just just don’t believe thedoctors think they let them take yourfocus away from this is any shot theseobstacles in your way to get you toforget about growing taller and just foryou to just to completeget your hopes and dreams you know sodon’t listen to them I do love you driveme crazy anyway on a positive note right.

I want to say congratulations to userold school Undertaker I have given youshelter but old school I think it hasbeen doing a program now for 34 days andhe’s actually been great he’s actuallygrown between one to two inches I thinkhe said it was like two point seven fivecentimeters so congratulations back thatis it that’s awesome that’s absolutelyawesome and you know it’s only like day34 and he’ll just keep going on schoolkeep going old school Undertaker I think.I’m going to call you Oh s you becauseold school think is quite long anywaycongratulations man you know you’re aninspiration and you know hopefullypeople will see your results and it willinspire them to to carry on as well Ialso want to say congratulations to. Aaron a longtime follower alwayscomments is always helping people outwhile domani’s you sigh his program andhe was six foot one is actually nowgoing to six foot one and a half in just19 days guys that is unbelievablecongratulations Aaron I’m really I’mreally impressed and really pleased withyour progress and your positivity it’sit’s just all blended into one month sojust keep pushing on you got you gotquite a bit time life yet to get to thatsix foot five mark that I know you’reaiming for so and that’s it guys and ifyou found this video informative don’tlisten to the doctors and I shall thisis the GTG signup from Singapore that. NYC and I’ll speak to you lateryou.


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