How Do I Grow Tall After Puberty? (Easily)

Usually, we get two main questions. The first being “When do I stop growing naturally?” generally followed by the one you’re probably asking now.

“How do I Grow Tall After Puberty?”

grow tall after puberty

For both guys and girls – most of your growth is finished by puberty. Normally at that point, your human growth hormone production slows down. Sure you can still grow muscle etc… By hitting the gym but you won’t get a whole lot taller.

Technically your growth plates don’t tighten up until around age 25.
But even then your growth to this point is normally pretty limited.

But it’s not all bad news.
You can grow taller after puberty – you just need to know what you’re doing.

I’ve heard people come out with some crazy stuff in the past.
People opting for… Insane surgery. There are no other words for it.
Weird shady companies trying to flog some “super pill” for getting taller. God knows what was in that stuff.

Pete even has a theory about sunlight affecting sunlight.
That said it was thanks mostly thanks to Pete that I’m not 6’5 and most of that was after age 18.
So he might actually be on to something there who knows.

… You can see Pete’s story here (and his weird view on sunlight for growing taller).

Or maybe he’s just confusing people with plants. I wouldn’t put it past him he’s a little air headed sometimes. He certainly knows his stuff though I have to give him that.

I’m not going to fill you with some nonsense about how puberty is bad for growth. Someone once tried to explain how you can actually grow more after puberty to me. I mean we covered exercises to grow taller and a lot of them are probably easier to do properly when you’re older.

But biology doesn’t lie. Growth is easier when you’re younger. Your biggest growth spurt is always going to be from around age 12-14. At 16 most of us have an idea of their adult height. In fact most of us are already there.

But that doesn’t mean everything is decided for you. It’s an easy excuse to use but the truth is only part of your height is down to genetics outside of your control. The rest is on you.

Most people won’t ever reach their max potential height. Our lifestyle just isn’t suited for it anymore. We don’t need to be as tall as we used to be. Compare your average person to a caveman and this trend is only continuing.

You can also compare your height in the morning to your height before you go to bed if you don’t believe you can change size after puberty.

The trick is learning to understand a bit about how your body works and how you can basically force it to keep growing. You’re never going to grow a couple of feet taller but there are at least a good few inches where you have control over. I think overall I gained about a foot and a half but I’m probably the exception.

That said if you even added 5′ to your height after puberty could you turn that down?

The question is do you want it bad enough to work on it?

Are you a Pete or a Ben? (Go find out)

growing after puberty

People think when I talk about promoting growth I mean long term.
And partly I do. I mean I’m talking about the height you keep. Not wearing platform shoes or something. But actually growing taller for the rest of your life.

But I’m also not talking about height that it takes you a decade to see. Start measuring yourself when you start and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So is it possible to grow taller after puberty? Absolutely, it’s possible. It might become a little harder to notice (no 1-foot spurts in a week) and you’ll need to work on promoting it yourself but it can be done. The sooner you start the better your chances though so don’t just sit around hoping it’ll happen for you.

Ideally? Check out the full guide. If you really want to work on your height you want to hit it with the full shebang. When we looked at what age do men stop growing we looked at the studies that were done and this is a big deal. The quicker you start the sooner you’ll see the results and the easier you’ll find it.

While it’s 100% possible to get taller after puberty just telling yourself that’s fine and you’ll come back to it doesn’t actually help you. You’ll find it harder starting tomorrow than you would start today.

If you don’t want to go for the full thing though there’s a couple of things you can at least start doing.

Cycling (in the right posture)

I love cycling for a lot of reasons. Cardio is great for getting nutrition to the right places and promoting growth but it has some advantages over other forms of cardio.

Keeping your back straight up when cycling. The motion of cycling with the right posture helps your spine. Every little bit matters here. Adjust the seat of your cycle to a higher point. Higher cycle seat will make you stretch your legs to reach the pedals. Raised saddle lengthens the muscles of your legs by stretching the popliteal fossa (behind your knee) and calf muscles. This gives a room for the growth of shine bone. Stretching out your legs over time will enable them to adapt to this environmental alteration, which will contribute to a positive impact of height gain. The adaptation takes some time since it is a process.


Finally some good news. Sleep is great for improving sleep but the downside? Most of us already get plenty of sleep. Which means while you’re using it to increase your height so is everyone else. If you’re missing sleep then you’re slowing yourself down but sleeping more than the normal amount won’t do much for you.

Make sure you’re at least getting a normal amount though so you’re not holding yourself back.

It’s one of the most important factors to consider for height increment and healthy growth. In fact, some researchers usually call it sleeping therapy. They also add that people who want to increase their heights need at least eight hours of restful sleep a day. Eliminate excessive direct light, noises and make your sleeping environment comfortable. It assists to get uninterrupted and enough sleep. How does it help? The pituitary gland secretes hormones necessary for human growth when one is sleeping. According to health experts, it’s advisable to give these glands enough time to secrete enough hormones that assist and facilitate height increment.

Hanging Vertically

This involves fixing a bar horizontally, about seven feet from the ground, and hang on there. Having a height from four to six feet, hold the bar to hang on. This is a scientifically proven exercise that helps you grow tall after puberty. All you need is a strong bar enough to hold you. It is simple but most effective. It’s an exercise that can be carried out anywhere. It’s ideal to hold the bar as long as you can, horizontally. Back and forth swinging makes it extremely effective. Also, try as much as possible to touch the ground using your feet. It helps in flexing your spine and elongating it. Twisting the wrists isn’t advisable. Vertical hanging contributes to height increment when done at least three times a week

When I first started looking around to see what others were saying how getting taller even after puberty this was the one big thing they were throwing in my face. Other than the crazy pills of course. Sure it’s a great method but I personally think it’s way overhyped. While researching our guide on what age do girls stop growing we found some sites claiming this is all you need to do. Literally just hang on a bar once in a while and you’d be the tallest guy on the street.

There’s no magic button for getting taller. This is absolutely something you should be doing. But it’s not really enough just by itself.

Cobra stretch
It’s a Yoga exercise. Don’t be fooled by the 60-year-olds doing yoga to relax them. If you’re doing the right kind of yoga you should be crawling home afterward. The cobra stretch makes your spine flexible and supple by stretching it. How does this assist in increasing height? It promotes the growth of cartilage that lies between your vertebrae which increase your vertical height. Be more careful, when undertaking this exercise, with the lower spine. How is this done? Lie down on the floor facing down. Let your palm be under the shoulders on the floor. Start arching your spine upwards with your chin leading. You can arch farther as you can without any pain feeling.

Ankle Weight
Cartilage becomes elongated and increases in mass due to stretching. This increases the height of the lower body. How is this achieved? It’s simple. Sit on a chair that is high above the ground. Add weights, using ankle weight fasteners, to your ankle. With your weight’s pressure, allow your legs to stretch down. After some time, remove the weights and relax your legs. Relaxing your legs is done by kicking it gently 5-10 times, and then faster 5-10 times This helps make your knee cartilage more flexible. Over time you can scale it up and work your way up to about 30 times a set.

You can also use ankle weights while vertically hanging but don’t jump straight to that.

Better Nutrition

For you to grow up to your maximum height, it’s advisable to eat all the necessary vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Enough consumption of calorie gives your body energy to grow taller even after puberty. Eat a balanced diet with every meal. For instance, vitamin D helps the muscles and bones to grow. Its deficiency results in stunted growth.

You can’t expect your body to grow unless you give it the building blocks to work with. Bodybuilders say abs are built in the kitchen? Well so is the extra inches you want to add to your height. Learning how to grow taller after puberty is the easy part. Taking the action and making it happen – that’s when it gets tough. But the sooner you get started – the better results you’ll start seeing.

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