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Grow Taller

Don’t worry, it’s NOT opinion outpost! Introducing the new series, HOW TO, where I cover 3 important & popular topics I’m sure many people are curious about! I go through the basics, offer many ideas & insights to do my best to help you (in the most concise way) to join the ALOHANA

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1. Earn Money 0:40
– Sell your stuff in a garage or etsy shop
– Drive people (put ads on your car, or any platform ex. videos, etc. for that matter)
– Walk dogs, mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow
– Babysit children or look after pets
– Tutor/teach kids
– Take photos at a wedding or sell pictures on like bigstock, etc.
– Play instruments or sing at events like weddings, parties, clubs, etc. or even on the street
– Take surveys, watch videos, test online
DID YOU KNOW people can earn money online a day by typing, or playing games?

2. Grow Tall 1:46
– Works best when you’re still going through puberty
– Mostly predetermined by genes, but don’t be discouraged!
– Jump a lot because it stretches your muscles
– Do yoga, stretch, and have good posture
– Avoid growth stunting factors like coffee, smoking, extreme calorie and fat intake
– Get at least 8 hours of sleep
– Eat healthy foods like fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and milk

3. Lose Weight 2:52
– Lose more calories than you’re gaining
– Work out/exercise to burn the calories you gained
– Do not starve yourself
– Don’t dramatically cut down your meals, get the right amount of nutrition
– Eat from all 5 food groups: protein, fruit, vegetables, dairy & grain
– Eat every meal, especially breakfast because it gives you an energy boost
– Ice give negative calories and water has none
– Cut down all the junk food

NOTE: It’s not always about how to be skinny in 2 weeks, 5 minutes, 3 days, 2 seconds, 1 day, or even fast like a model. Sometimes, you want to lose weight in a month at home to do so. But It’s also about how to be healthy fit happy strong (or thin for teenagers) whether you’re in college or during the summer.

But watch the whole video. 😉 I share lose weight fast proven methods (quickly, instantly, fast, overnight, without exercise or working out), motivation, grow taller exercises, and how to get a thigh gap in a day! (nah i’m exaggerating)

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hey guys it’s Katie and right now youmight be wondering from the title whatis how to well I’m gonna answer thatright now so I realize that on mychannel I really wanted to start aseries where I can help you guys andcover a lot of different topics that youguys might want some help with how to isa new series I am starting wherebasically I will talk about threedifferent topics in one video in thisvideo I will talk about how you can turnyou lose weight and grow taller Irealize that there aren’t a lot ofvideos I’ve been doing where I just sitdown and talk to you guys one on one ifyou have to leave any requests that youguys have been wondering maybe like howto do something and without further adolet’s get started first how to earnmoney if you have a lot of stuff lyingaround and if your room is just one bigclutter you can sell your stuff firstyou can fill it in the garage sale oryou can start your own Etsy shop or justan online shop where you can sell thesethings or if you’re artistic and you cancreate a lot of cool things second ifyou are old and you have a driver’slicense you can drive people on uber orwhatever you can even be a personalshopper or you can put ads on your carthere an idea is like the basic walkdogs mow lawns rake leaves or shovelsnow depending on what season it is andthey’re pretty good kids you can getsome exercise in it too before if youcan babysit or look after a pet ifyou’re going to teaching you could eventutor people now another idea is ifyou’re good at taking photos you cantake them at weddings and get paid oryou could also sell them on shutterstockor those you know sometimes reallyannoying photo websites that alwayswatermark their pictures well you couldrun money that way so you’re good atlaying an instrument or singing is thenyou can also play that at weddings oryou can do it onand you know people can chip in somemoney you are an Internet person you cantake surveys watch videos or you caneven test website to get paid moving onto growing taller there was a time I dideverything I could to view tell itbefore I get into this I just want tonote that usually these are better ifyou’re still going through pubertyunderstand that this is mostlypredetermined by your chin don’t bediscouragedanything could happen something Ipersonally really liked to do was jump alot when you jump you stretch you tolike muscles and that will help themgrow more yoga stretching and goodposture I don’t have the best posturebut when you’re sitting with a straightback you get like additional two inchescompared to when you’re slouching butwhen you strain your back and you followthis good posture you will automaticallyappear taller and hopefully you willdevelop good habits to actually becometall third you want to avoid growthsomething factors like coffee smoking orexcessive calorie or fat intake I usedto sleep really late and I regretsleeping really late now when you’reyoung and you’re like oh my gosh I’m upit’s midnight honestly there is a reasonwhy people put curfews on you if you’retrying to grow tall you really want tosleep early get at least eight hours ofsleep try to eat really healthy foodssome of the foods that I think havehelped me a lot are fish eggs fruitsvegetables and now moving on to losingweight now first of all I just want topoint out that it’s not necessarilyabout losing weight it’s more aboutbeing healthy and being confident whoyou are but for the sake of people whojust want to lose some extra pounds thisis it the key thing about losing weightis making sure that you are losing morecalories that gaining a lot of peopleask you they easily like to work out toburn them you might think that it’s goodto stop eating it to maybe eat less andif you starve yourself you can reallyhurt yourself and cause irreversible orhuge problems with your body and yourhealth and don’t dramatically cut downwhat you eat try to do it in smallchunks to make sure you’re still gettinglike the right amount of nutrition youwant to be eating from all the five foodgroupsthose are fruits vegetables proteindairy and grain now adding on to thatyou don’t want to skip any meal you needto eat breakfast it gives you thatenergy boost in the morning and also oneor two glasses of water now a lot ofpeople say that ice gives you negativecalories and that logic behind that isif you take something really cold andice your body will burn it burn caloriesto maintain your body temperature I’mnot exactly sure if that’s true but I’mpretty sure water it has no calories sothat’s the plastic now if you’re tryingto lose weight give it a chance you’vegotta cut down all of the junk don’teven buy them they won’t just tempt youif you have them hanging around in yourpantry or whatever to get rid of themalways always exercise this cannot bestressed enough because obviously youare burning the calories you just gainyou want some ideas on some exercisesyou can do no workout need a check outmy last video which was staying fit funexercises yeah I like healthy drinksmotivation tips life hacks all that goodstuff so you should check that out inall three ways to burn calories is leanyour lifestyle include number one takethe stairs even when you can take theescalator or elevator and working out inbetween commercial breaks usually takelike three to five minutes so it caneasily find a really quick 3 or 5 minuteworkout the key that’s all I have fortoday is first how to episode be sure togive it a big thumbs up can we get thisto 200 likes that was kind of rhetorical.I think because last time we did get itto 200 likes so thank you so much todaysubscriber shoutout goes to Lily’spassion for all your commenting on myvideo and for being a supporter thankyou I love you today’s progress out outquestion is what do you think of thisseries let me know on your commentsbelow should I continue this was thefirst episode helped because I reallyjust want to give you things that youguys actually want to see if you’re notinterested in thispoint yeah just leave me any requests orthings you not learn how to do don’tforget to Like comment and subscribe formore videos also for this how to series. I’m going to finish off with a quote ofthe day I’ve always wanted to have aquote of the day this hope I may havementioned before but it’s like one of mypersonal favorites it is you miss 100%of the shots you don’t takeand that basically means you can alwaysgive anything and everything you trybecause you don’t know what you miss outif you gave it a chance that’s all Ihave for this video I hope you guysenjoyed it for until the next episode ofhow to guys bye guys have a great day. .

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