How To Get Taller Naturally: The Real Science Behind Increasing Your Height

Grow Taller

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Lets get into it by starting with some myths about height growth as there are quite a few

Jumping rope
Drinking tons of milk
Playing certain sports like or swimming
Hanging upside down from the ceiling like Spiderman.
Doing yoga or certain types of exercise
Putting salt in your shoes

All of these things are NOT going to make you taller and things like caffeine, diet coke, and weight lifting will not stunt your are all complete myths and have the same scientific credibility of bigfoot.

So, can I actually get taller naturally after puberty?

Natural growth usually stops between ages 18-25 when your bones ossify and your epiphyseal plates seal off.

Once those plates are sealed, 90% of potential growth is done.

What factors effect growth?

Roughly 60-80% of your height is determined by genetics while the other 20%-40% is determined by nutrition and hormone secretion. are 5 Important Factors for Naturally Height Growth and Maximizing Your Current Height

1. Eat a lot of calories, including protein.

After the world war II, Japan added in a lot more fish protein and calories into their natural diets and because of this, saw the average height of the country increase by 3 inches. like Denmark have also shown that the height of the country increases as its wealth and consumption of calories grows. eat lots of whole natural foods especially during those early years for more growth.

2. Sleeeeeeeeep

Especially during the hours of 10pm-2am because those are the most important hours for height hormone secretion.

Both human growth hormones and testosterone play vital roles in the height and they have massive spikes during that time of rest. if youre a young person, those late nights on the hotline bling are not cutting it if you want to be tall.

3. Get lots of vitamin D

Go out in the sun and get up your natural vitamin D because this hormone also plays a major role on testosterone secretion. the days youre not out in the sun you can supplement with vitamin D3.

4. Dont consume crap

While factors improving height is still hotly debated, it is well known that certain foods and substances do stunt ones potential growth.

Sodas contain phosphorous which has been shown to lower bone density.

Soy products like tofu and soy sauce contain phytic acid which can reduce the absorption of calcium.

Children who too much sugar tend to be shorter than their smoking doesnt seem to help either as its been documented to stunt the growth of teenage boys. you just focus on consuming lots of dark leafy greens, fresh fruits, whole proteins, healthy fats and having the occasional treat, you will be fine!

5. Improve posture

This is something you can do at any age that will improve your height.

Just stand with your butt, shoulders, and back of you head against a wall for 20 minutes a day. This is the correct posture for your spine and feel a little weird the first time you do it.

This process alone can add 2 or so inches to your height depending on how much slouching you do.

Also, consider doing some Yoga and stretch out those hip flexors that get weakened from sitting all day!

Closing thought nerd family:

Whats much more noticeable than ones height is how one carrys themselves.

There are plenty of tall people who appear short and shorter people who appear tall based on their confidence, presence, and overall energy.

While theres not much one can do to improve their height, how you feel, look and love yourself is completely in your control.

It not make you any taller, but it can help you shed excess weight, feel better about yourself, and start to love the way you look.

#1. Dont fall for myths or common ploys
#2. Consume plenty of calories and healthy proteins
#3. Sleep lots
#4. Get in vitamin D daily
#5. Dont consume crap
#6. Stand tall nerds!.

Oh get dunked on son what up what up ohuh hey there nerd family today we’regoing to be talking about how to growtaller naturally and what the sciencesays about it let’s get into it bystarting with some myths about heightgrowth as there are quite a few jumpingrope drinking tons of milk playingcertain sports like basketball orswimming hanging upside down from theceiling like spider man doing yoga orcertain types of exercise putting saltin your shoes all of these things arenot going to make you taller and thingslike caffeine Diet Coke andweightlifting will not stunt your growththese are all complete myths and haveabout the same scientific credibility as.Bigfoot so can you actually grow tallerafter puberty just slightly I will tellyou a little bit more about it near theend of the video natural growth stopsbetween ages 18 and 25 when your bonesossify and your epiphyseal plates sealoff once those plates are sealed90% of potential growth is done so whatfactors affect growth roughly 60 to 80percent of your height is determined bygenetics while the other 20 to 40percent is determined by nutrition andhormone secretion it’s kind of likeriding a car with your parents drivingyou’re not actually in control but someof the actions you take from the backseat can influence your destination hereare the five important factors fornatural height growth and maximizingyour current height number one eat a lotof calories including protein after. World War 2 Japan added a lot more fishprotein and calories into their naturaldiets and because of this saw theaverage height of the country increasedby 3 inches countries like Denmark havealso shown that the height of thecountry increases as its wealth andconsumption of calories grows so eat alot of whole natural foods especiallyduring those early years for more growthnumber 2 sleep especially during thehours of 10 p. m. to 2 a.

m.because thoseare the most important hours for heighthormone secretion both human growthhormone and testosterone play vitalroles in height and they have massivespikes during that time of rest so ifyou’re a young person those late nightson the hotline bling’ are justcutting it if you want to be tall numberthree get lots of vitamin D go out inthe Sun and get up your natural vitamin. D because this hormone plays a majorrole on testosterone secretion on thedays you’re not out in the Sun you cansupplement with a vitamin d3 liquidnumber four don’t consume crap whilefactors improving height are still hotlydebated it is well known that certainfoods and substances do stunt one’spotential growth sodas containphosphorus which has been shown to lowerbone density soy products like tofu andsoy sauce contain phytic acid which canreduce the absorption of calcium in yourbloodstream children who eat too muchsugar tend to be shorter than theirpeersfinally smoking doesn’t seem to helpeither as it’s been documented to stuntgrowth in teenage boys if you just focuson consuming lots of dark leafy greensfresh fruits whole proteins healthy fatsand having the occasional treat you’llbe finenumber five and prove your posture thisis something you can do at any age thatwill improve your height just stand withyour butt shoulders and back of yourhead against the wall for twenty minutesa day this is the correct posture foryour spine and it may feel a littleweird the first time you do it thisprocess alone can add two inches or soto your height depending on how muchslouching you do also consider doingsome yoga and stretch out those hipflexors they get weakened from sittingall day closing thought nerd familywhat’s much more noticeable than one’sheight is how one carries themselvesthere are plenty of tall people whoappear short and shorter people whoappear tall based on their confidencepresence and overall energy whilethere’s not much one can do to improvetheir height how you feel about yourselfand how you love yourself is completelyin your control also feel free to checkout our free video training on fat lossnerds calm it may not make you anytaller but it can help you shed excessweight feel better about yourself andstart to love the way you look so insummary you should not fall for mythsand common ploys consume plenty ofcalories and healthy proteins sleep getin vitamin D daily don’t consume crapand stand tall nerds got a topic for thehealth nerd to cover just put in thecomment section below and rumor has itfor every new subscriber we get a babypuggleis born so please subscribe to thehealth nerd for healthy tips and tricks’backed by science Cheers. .

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