How To Get Taller

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Taller getting is easy with a tutorial like this your genetics can play a key role in your height. ly/1wQaWjZ
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hey last members in this video I’m goingto teach you guys you guys watching howto get taller step 1okay so the first step is to stretch alot so here we go we can do stretcheslike this just make sure you stand upstraight you just retired you can nowstretching one on like that stretch soif you got something to hang on I don’twanna hang on this is gonna do it step 2okay so it’s now stretching the legs soyou can just get down and put your legsup oh hoshit man make sure you put your legs inan elevated position stretchingstretching and getting taller okay nowso now more leg stretches so you can dothis one you just stretch it like thatthat’s rightthat’s how it’s done man tricking shitoh holy shit man holy fucking shit manoh shithelp me cameraman help me I’m stuckhelp me up in the freaking video I’mstuck my legs don’t work like they usedto but look on the bright side.I’m getting taller see it makes you tallit works man I told you didn’t know itworks it worked for me so it should workfor you if you want to get tallerthat was the second step second stepstretching your legs and make sure ifyou don’t do that too much because youmight injure your legs and my legs andyou know they don’t work like they usedtothe third step I’m going to tell you inthe next shot step free make sure youdrink milk cows milk you can string itstraight out daughters that’s the bestone because the blue top milk is the onewhich is where let’s come up with let meshow you now I’m going to show you memilking a cow a blue top milk born withthe blue lid is the one which is theleast processed because it’s straightfrom the others nothing done to it thegreen top and the red top aresym skimmed and semi skimmed whateverway I don’t know they’re ones that areprocessed which means after it comes outthe cow two cows others are people goodyou know you get a cow uddersthat’s what I do I get a count like thecows are the straightdrink the milk straight out of it whoneeds to go buy milk you don’t need togo buy milk you can just get a cow can’tgather it’s honest and that’s what I doit’s no processing at all no processedfull of protein full of calories full ofgood fat and it’s whole milk whereas theother milks they’re processed man andthey’re not that good for you the wholemilk which is straight out the car sothis makes you get taller that’s mysecret to getting taller drink out of acows udders I hope this video helped youokay it’s rap back to my pouch flat wekeep it real no false rap I got four. .

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