How To Grow Taller

Grow Taller

Today’s video was inspired by “B is for Baller”:.

prove your chances to be a CEO an NBAstar or hit your head indicate there’show to grow taller grow an afro grow amohawk always carry around the harm itwon’t make you taller but people willlook up to youuse the power of positive thinking thinkabout tall things carrots giraffesladders you are what you eat so leavethings that are tall Kaira giraffesladders make yourself appear taller byhanging out with just children andlittle people always be stretchingalways sleep upside down all we needright side up you can’t grow up unlessyour food stays down do what other.Giants do white kids named David cutdown trees like Paul Bunyan eat dog foodlike Clifford you stop growing onceyou’re an adultmaximize your height by staying a kid aslong as possible repeat grades never geta license with the bed last but notleast stretch your neck with those ringsand wear three pairs of shoes at onceand replace your legs with telephonepoles don’t be wasteful though donateyour legs to a shorter person in needyou. .

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