How To Grow Taller After 25 Years Old With Simple Yoga Stretching Exercises

Grow Taller

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hey it’s Tara Stiles and this is astretch video that you can do anytimeyou feel like stretching so the firstthing just come with the soles of yourfeet together and just bring your handsbehind you and just give yourself a pushup just to get your spine really tallthere and then just go ahead and grabyour feet and let your hips relax letyour knees fall open up to the sides andjust slowly start to come over your legsand you can do this either with a flatback or rounded back it’s a little bitof a different stretch but just whateverfeels get there and just breathe acouple of long deep breaths and thenfrom there just straighten both legs infront of you and I like to do that kindof pushing up thing again just to getyour back really really tall and then goahead and go for your feet or you canobviously just grab a towel and wrap iton your feet there and one thing I’vebeen working on lately is try to keepyour back really really flat so youdon’t have that bulge in your lower backof your spine kind of popping out so todo this you’re going to come a lot lessinto the forward bend and but it’s goingto be a lot more intense on yourhamstring it’s almost like stretchingthe back of the knee area the next oneis just bring one leg back and reallypress your foot onto the ground and ifthis hurts your knee don’t do thisvariation just try the variation withyour your foot facing your inner thighbut this is a nice stretch for your quadand also for that other hamstring if youwant to if it’s okay on your knee justcome back to your forearms that’s areally nice stretch for your quad and agood thing to think of here is your kneejust lengthening out in the oppositedirection from your head so as not toget a lot of nasty pressure on your kneethere and just take some long deepbreaths thereand carefully come all the way up fromthat and just don’t forget to do theother side and with this really makesure the top of your foot is reallypushing hard into the ground so that’lltake some pressure off of your knee aswell and it also starts to build up thethe strength in your foot and yourarches and all that and it kind of helpswith foot cramps if you if you are afoot crabberand just keep breathing one importantthing and stretching is you know it’shard and we go to our limit andeverything but just remember to keepbreathing long deep breaths and try totry to stay as calm as possible insteadof you know scrunching up your face andbeing like oh my god it’s so hard sojust go where you know it feels likeyou’re working and you’re just stillbeing able to breathe air and just bringboth feet back in front of you again andjust try this when you bring both feetout to the side and bring one arm infront well mark one arm in back and justslowly start to push your hips up andbring your hips a little bit forwardthere and keep breathing and then justtry a couple more times with that justto kind of go to where you think you’reat limit for the day is and another nicething to do here is to keep your feetreally flexed and pointing up andlifting up in your quads and then juststretch over to one side and I like tobring the opposite hand to the backinstead of just you know hunching overthe legs there just so you can get anextra kind of twist and you’re reallygetting more directly into the hamstringthan if you’re just going to launch overyour legs there and breatheand then maybe just get yourself onelittle gentle push forward there beforeyou come down in the middle and thesekind of stretches are actually good tohold for as long as you want to you canhold these for five breaths ten breaths20 breaths the longer you hold thebetter it will feel when you’re done andthen just bring your legs back in frontof you again and go ahead and try foryour forward bend again it will feel alittle bit different the second timeyou’ll be getting a little deeper intoyour hamstrings there this is kind ofthe the telling pose for me you know Ican I feel like sometimes I’m reallyflexible but then I do this and I’m likeholy cow I’m really far away if I’mactually true to the stretch instead ofjust launching over my legs and andpretending that I’m I’m really flexibleso another stretch here just come into alunge this is a nice little hamstringstretch flex your front foot andstraighten your front leg and stretchover your hamstring there and just comeall the way back and then you can gointo your split if you want here if youwant to grab some blocks on each side toprop yourself up that’s a good thing todo and then just try the other sideand also think of this forward bendthink of your right side of your backcoming over if your left leg is in frontso it’s a twist as well as a forwardbend and that’s just going to help youget definitely in the right position forthe bend there try to keep your hips assquare as possible in the split and comeall the way out of that and just comeall the way back to sit down this slowsyour feet together and there is yourstretch routineso have fun stretch it.


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