How to Grow Taller at 16 and Beyond

For most of us, major growth stops after age 16.
Yeah, a big part of your life is decided pretty damn early.

The luckier few will continue to grow until around age 25 when the growth plates seal shut.
But even then we’re talking about much, much less growth normally. Your main growth spurt is finished by age 16.

And have you seen how much height will affect you later in life? The studies have been done, folks. It’s bleak looking if you’re not at least average height and tall folks statistically have it better.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.
While your body might naturally start to slow down after 16 this is when you can start to take some of that control back yourself.

It’s far too big to allow dumb luck to decide for you.

how to grow taller after 16

I’ve been called a stubborn a**hole before over stuff like this but I take that as a compliment.

When I was a kid I was short. Hell, forget 16 at 18 I was still short. I was told I was to small to do this and not smart enough to do that.

I didn’t listen when I was 10 and they told me I had a learning disability. I didn’t listen when they said I was too short to be able to compete in climbing.

And I sure as hell didn’t listen when they said I was stuck with my height.
And these days I’m 6’5.
Not going to lie. It was good to see the look on their face after that.

So part of your height is decided by your genetics. Even I couldn’t argue with that. If you’re 4′ at 16 you’re not going to be 6′ anytime soon.

But that’s only part of the story. Once your main growth spurts end at 16 (and you would otherwise have a pretty good idea of your adult height) you can control the environmental factors which means you continue to grow.

And we’re not talking a couple of cms you might get if you’re lucky.
We’re also not talking about wearing some big shoes. I mean promoting actual lasting growth.

… Click here to see for yourself.

I’m not the kind of person to tell people they need to change.
If you’re happy with your height then go at it. Do your thing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
But I’m also not one to tell you to settle when you don’t have to.

Don’t let dumb luck decide so much of your life for you.

But the real question is do YOU want it enough to do anything about it?
Do you just kind of wish you were taller or do you really want to GET taller?

Are you a Pete or a Ben?

grow taller 18

Everyone loves being tall. It doesn’t mean that being short is a bad thing, no. Being taller usually indicates a heightened self-esteem and also translates confidence. Plus you can reach the stuff on the top shelf. I know there are companies selling crazy pills or surgery but that’s not what we’re looking at here. How about we look at something which actually works?

Eat Right
When it comes to growing tall, nothing does it better than eating the right foods that promote bone and tissue growth. You can’t expect your body to grow without giving it to the building blocks to do so. Good nutrition translates to not only proper growth and development in your teen years, it is essential for your growth afterward. Protein-rich foods are loaded with calcium, zinc, and iron which are all important elements for muscle growth. Eating poultry, dairy products, fish, lean meat and nuts all are good for your bone growth density and elongation a key in height increment. Fruits and vegetables should also be included since they are loaded with essential vitamins for your overall health.

And let’s be honest – you should be doing this anyway. Now you have another reason.

This is not a myth. Certain exercises can help you elongate your spine, in turn, increasing your chances of growing a few inches taller. We have a whole section on stretches to grow taller but to give you a basic idea of what to look for:

Yoga involves a lot of stretching and promotes good posture. Anyone who tells you yoga is rest full and peaceful hasn’t done yoga properly. All the stretching and poses involved in yoga target the spine. Spine elongation through yoga poses can increase your height. It’s also great for strength and general flexibility. If you’re not crawling on the couch afterward though, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Pelvic Tilts

grow taller 17

Performing pelvic tilts can also elongate your spine, in turn, increasing your height. I know most of you know how to perform the pelvic tilt but for those who have no idea how to do it here is how. Lie on your back placing your feet on the floor. Gently raise your hips off the ground. Do a few reps a few times a day for effective results.

-Hanging on a bar
Another great exercise to increase your height is hanging. Hang on a metal bar every morning you wake up. Hanging stretches your back muscles, hands, and spine. You can do this exercise at night as well but it’s best done first thing when you get up.

It doesn’t specifically have to be a bar. A door frameworks. A block of wood. A tree branch. As long as you can hold on to it comfortably and get your feet off the ground. Ideally, you want to be able to get a proper grip on it, not just a few fingertips because they’ll be the first thing to go. We’re looking to get taller – not snap a finger tendon.

When we first started looking into when do you stop growing the first thing everyone suggested was hanging on a bar or something. It is effective. Don’t get me wrong you should 100% be doing this. But hanging on a bar once in a while by itself won’t do the job and the internet seems to have inflated this into some amazing magic trick. It’s helpful but only a small tool in your whole toolbox.

Swimming (or basically any cardio)

I generally suggest swimming because it’s low impact but any cardio is a good idea. You know when we say eat right to give your body the right building blocks to grow taller? We also need to make sure the blood is able to deliver these building blocks to the right place.

Swimming offers a great cardio for your heart and promotes weight loss. Carrying extra weight on your belly can make you appear shorter than you really are a reason why losing a few pounds can actually make you look tall and lean. Cardio exercises are excellent for weight loss and can also keep you healthy.

Get Plenty of Sleep
If you want to grow tall then you should do a lot of shut-eye. Good sleep and exercise release growth hormone a key in height increment. Most teen years are filled with partying, late night movies and all the late night fun a reason why most teens at this age do not reach their growth potential. Teach yourself to sleep. A maximum of eight hours a day is good for your growth. If you party during the night, make sure you get a few hours of good sleep during the day. Sleeping is good for your skin, health, and growth.

Let’s be honest. Out of all the methods to grow taller this is the easiest one to do.

General Healthy Lifestyle

This is the stuff you don’t want to hear. The generic ‘be healthy don’t do XYZ’ but it’s here because it’s true. If you really want to learn to grow taller after 16 then you need to pay attention to this stuff.

Drinking, smoking and doing drugs won’t do you any good. Smoking marijuana, cigarettes, and other drugs have been linked to stunted growth in teens. The numbers are clear folks. I’m not telling you it to preach I’m telling you because I got myself to 6’5 and I know what it takes.

A reason why quitting and sticking on just living a healthy lifestyle is good for you if you really want to be tall. Drink water and other healthy juices if you want to drink beer, be active instead of sitting all day watching movies and playing video games. This is because being healthy all round increases your chances of growing tall even more.

Obviously, results will vary. Individual genes and motivation will play a part in how tall you’ll ever get. We do suggest checking out the full guide to get the most out of your height potential. It’s easier to grow when you’re younger but after age 16 you really need to work on it if you want to grow taller.

So it’s not easy. Sorry, there’s no magic pill for this stuff.
But it is possible. The earlier you start the better the results you’ll see so get going already.

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