How To Grow Taller! (Awesome Life Hacks)

Grow Taller

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Here are some life hacks you need to know!

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an educational video on my channel belots of people welcome back to a brandnew video my name is Ricky minions now Ihave seen a lot of rs do thisvideo and they have also become veryvery useful for me and those videos areof course the life hacks however Ithought to myself what happens if I gotthe best as a life hacks and put theminto one video as you know I done I’vegot done exactly what I just saidwait what did I say everything’s greatbanter so if you all found this usefulyou just enjoyed it and make sure todrop a like down below if we hit 50likes on these videos and I will makeanother one of these videos or I willjust carry on making real life videos Iwill also be doing another Q&A so if youneed your questions in these down belowthen I will have a look at them and soon.I will be making a QA plus if you wantused to my child and make sure tosubscribe also hit the spell next to itso you were notified whenever a newvideo of mine is uploaded anyway let’sget straight into the video now thiscrack is very useful and I use it a lotmyself basically when you have school orwig in a couple of hours or even acouple of minutes and your phone is lowon battery and you need to charge aquick what you want to do is you want toput your phone into airplane mode andthen start charging it and your chargingspeed should be faster this is because Ireplace those consoles out a lot ofstuff such as Wi Fi and mobile datameaning your phone does not use nonemeaning a lot of features at cutoffmeaning that it’s faster to charge yourphone basically did you know the planedriving games can actually help youimprove your driving ability so ifyou’re coming into a driving test thenmake sure you invest the money on somecheeky and Forza horizon there if youwant to get rid of the step in astrawberry but you’re so clumsy whenyou’re using the knife that you eithercut off basically one quarter of thisdraw breeze or you’re even more Convylike me then you cut your finger off soif you never this hack will be veryuseful for you basically what you wantto do is you want to get a strawberrya straw you want to put the hole throughthe middle right in the middle of thestem meaning that the whole stem will betaken out less you won’t be cutting outany excess strawberry that you could beanything on your own so that’s a prettyspring assert one if you wash my mindnow this one also helps with memorizingstuff so if you think that you wouldforget our did I actually shut the doorwhen I left the house or did I turn offthe lights or you know I mean a good wayto memorize it is after you’ve completedthe task then do something elsecompletely extraordinary or juststraight up stupid that you willremember you’ll be thinking or did I dothat I mean then you’ll remember oh yeah. I did some stupid move say how lots ofmy recording yeah here we go now when Iremember about them and I look retardedwhen I can now remember through my lifeso if you have a spot or as Americanslike to call it earns it then afterpopping it then make sure to put themhoney over we this pot is a plaster overit and then overnight your spot shouldbasically be gone and that’s not apretty useful one am i using myself itis actually true also what I forgot tosay is also if you have different skintypes then this may not work so justlook out for that if your batteries arepretty bad and you want to juice them upeven more then what you want to do isyou want to get a battery and you wantto put it into the fridge for basicallya day and that should actually doublethe lifespan of the battery a lot ofrs have covered this next lifehappen to be honest I’m going to be noexception and I’m going to do it as wellso basically if you’re in your car or ifyou’re in an area such as like in mysetup and you may think all you don’thave a cup holder or you think you mightspill it then what you want to do is youwant to get a shoe as you want to putyour pan or drink in issue and that itis less likely to fall over trust meaway not as if it’s done it or anythingthat is up so if you are pulling machinelike me and you pull a shit on a guildfucking rat then you would understandthe struggles of a guild giving you afake number now the tower this is a realnumber or a fake number what you want todo is you want to repeat the phonenumber that they wrote down to you andthen basically either change the numberor maybe missile number in the actualphone number then if they actuallycorrect you then you know what it isthen it’s the real one you told me ifit’s not and they said yes that’sperfectly fine then you know it’s a fakenumber and unnal ring is probably somepita from Ukraine asking you for doubleglazing and finally the last life hasbeen you probably all clicked on thisvideo to look for basically is how toget actually taller now a man actuallycovered this in one whole videoso basically what he said if you want tohandle something like a whole bar or atree something like that for about tenminutesif you hang on a tree or an arm bar forten minutes then what should happen isyour I should increase by about twoinches this is either about the gravitypulling you down something to do withyour spine but to be honest isabsolutely crazy maybe that’s why I’m sotool so I know if you want to enjoy thislife and video I know it’s a sort ofdifferent video and it’s pretty cool tobe honest I enjoyed it definitely if youfound it useful and enjoyed it and makesure to drop a like down below if we hit50 likes on this video remember I willbe posting another one of these videosor maybe even a different like videoalso subscribe if you knew and also hitthe spell next to it so you werenotified whenever a new video of mine isuploaded hope you all otherwise rustedand our evils come in that video. .

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