How To Grow Taller. Exercises For Better Posture!

Grow Taller

In this video, I will show you how to naturally increase your height with simple exercises! These 8 moves will help open you up, keep you from slouching, while strengthening and toning your upper body. Just 8 minutes a day and you will see a difference in how tall you’ll stand!

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hey guys Cassey here so before we getstarted I need to show you my new nailsthey are the same color as my Blogilatesright here and I did my toes too butunfortunately there’s a little booboomark I didn’t get a chance to clean it Iknow I’m really bad anywaywe’re gonna get the workout startedwithout having perfect feet so today’sworkout for the swimsuit some non seriesis based on posture as well as strongarms and a sexy back okay all three andone you’re learning a lot of new veryunique moves so make sure you payattention very close to edge X a lot ofthem are quite small they’re gonnareally open you up okay and reallyimportant it’s not about being tall it’sabout feeling and looking a lot moreconfident and when you are taller let’sface it you do feel a lot more confidentokay so these are you moves for todayyou pose wing rolls heartbeats halfcobra push ups swimmers geckos pairshooters and bird dogs so we’re going todo one minute for every single move it’seight moves total let’s go ahead andstart that time so your first move isthe you palms hands to the back presslike this so I call it use because myhands are doing an upside down viewmovement here back and back and I amsqueezing my shoulder blades togetherhere now keepyour arms nice and long and straightfingers lengthen all the way out I’mgoing to sit tall press press very goodnow don’t worry too much aboutprotruding your chest here that’s notthe point the point is to squeeze thoseshoulder blades squeeze and you knowwhat don’t you feel shoulders woffordthis one minute each move you caught itlots of new stuff today guys staycommitted okayyou will cm taller you will sit tallerawesome ten seconds more come on let’sgogiggles check it outpans right here what you roll roll rollroll look at for working the obliques tofun stop roll Roy and I’ll try to slipthe plug right so cooltop this side try to touch your hipsyeah very goodwhoo I love didn’t even move it reallyshocks your body it’s like what are youdoing already feeling it back you meetall I hear.Circle Circle looking good how do youfeel awkward don’t feel awkwardoh this sir sir got itand one more round right here and taptruly very good okay our next move iscalled the heartbeats so what you woulddo is place your feet hip width aparthands inside you know open up the chestbring it back to Centerplease now my shoulders are rotatingbackwards okay my chest is opening up myfingers right here just the fingertipson the mat and exhale every time I liftopen heart center to the ceilingand my shoulder blade is using back verysmall movements very small and what todo more flexibility in the back you’llbe able to truth even farther friendcome on open of it very niceyou don’t want to curl your back whenyou come back here bump straight straightgive me some spinal flexibility here nothese small movements but I’m startingto sweat cuz I haven’t worked my body inplaces I normally don’t one more righthereand one very good okay guys we’re intoour half Cobra push up what do what youdo play for gonna break underneath yourshoulders down elbows into your shirt ifthere’s flare out you’re not working outyour eyes with production check it lowerhope you enjoy trainer today I try thenew technique which I think a lot ofgirls already know so in sort of thestreamthree sections me the biggest differenceabsolutely straight up come on liftexhale up and down elbows straight backtowards the heels and lower ten moreseconds let’s go what come on. I was there in one more pull and bringit down very good now we’re to go toswimmers right on left leg lifts it upleft arm right leg okay four fullminutes in three but you did go justlike this my eyes are the edge of my matnice tiny movement straight movementswith the arms and legs just breatheyou’re swimming beautiful gonna feelyour upper glutes your lower back try tolift that chest as high as you canthis is not easy okay you’ve got 30seconds leftkeep going you’re doing amazing let’sfill that posture strengthen the backsexy back let’s go please concentratevery good come on all up thereand on straight leg straight ten moreseconds10 9 8 comma 3 & 2 & 1 bring it downokay you’re like me that will work yourpants here whoa also working our corebalance and do not move your hips around. I know the challenge come on guysgirls therejust wait keep your eyes right down onyour mat concentrate beautifulhow you feeling they’re feeling goodcome on so close five seconds last oneand bring it down okay let’s get backand do that backspread here with our pair of shouldershands like a goalpost going to lift upand downhi here we go let the thighslove it getting blood you too come onguysand lowera little bit blue the elbows back haveyou come back boom see that differenceno we are really building entireand I’m Laura Lipkaand one more good finally come into yourbird dog position okay on all fours Iwant you to lift up right arm left legjust like this make sure your back isnice and long in line with your leg inline with your arm I love an edge ofyour mat come on every side lift lookfor the toes pulling the fingersbeautiful and sweet let’s go. I just did on your pasta this time holdit hands together let’s go ahead andstretch out our back I want you to pressyour back into the ceiling look towardsyour knees and push the booty up againright here and all the way back andbring yourself into a child’s poseinhale through the nose big exhalethrough the mouthslowly lift up that’s it guys thank youfor working your posture with me Ialready feel so much taller let me knowthe comments below which one of thesemoves you like the best personally mynew favorite is the heart beats for songit’s a really cute move and a cute name. I’m doing really weird moves here butit’s bringing back to Britney Spearscirca oops I did it again in the redsuit where she did that you know coolthing with heartbeat but I did learnthat dance but I’m really bad at it so. I’m not gonna show you but maybe one daywhen I’m asked her and I will show youalso the new month is about to start and.

I want you to click right here and signup for next month’s calendar I send itto you it’s completely free and tons of.Hofstra’s all over the world are doingit together it’s so much fun so justsign up right there and I will send itto your email and if you’re looking foran intense crazy but super short armworkout six minutes sexy arms isliterally craziness no push ups involvedonly six minutes and to this date stillmy favorite arm video in the worldalright guys I think that is all and Ilove you so much and I’m also let meknow what your nail color is in thecomments below okay bye guys love you. .

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