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hey it’s Tara Stiles and this is littleyoga routine that you can do that’stargeted towards your booty so the firstthing you can do is just reach all theway up and back or I like to do this onebringing your hands to your lower backand reaching up and back that way andthen come all the way over your legsthere and if you want to just slightbend in your knees hereand then just bend your left leg andstretch your right arm all the way upand look towards your right hand this isjust start to warm up the spine and yourhamstrings and then just switch sides sobend your right leg and stretch yourleft arm all the way up and stretch allthe way back over and then stretch yourright leg all the way back to a lungeand then just bend your knee down andback and then bring your hands up onyour knee there and then just push yourknee forward and this is just startingto loosen up your hips and it’s gettinginto that front of the hip area in theback and then tuck your back 200 andstraighten your leg and bring your armsall the way up and then just start somelunges so when you inhale straightenyour leg and exhale bend your leg andjust do this you can do this five timesten times four times if you can’t handleit but it’s really good just to get getthe legs activated there sometimes wejust kind of go through the pose alittle too quickly and this is this isthis kind of lunges is going to makeyour your muscles work there and thenjust twist to the side there and thenbring your back heel down and come intoa warrior one so you’re still feeling itin the front quad there and in your inyour booty and then just start to repeatthose lunges so straightening andbending your front leg and just rememberto do about the same amount that you didin the regular lunge and just keepbreathingand from there just open up in a warrior so open your hips up to the side andstill keeping that knee bent all the wayover the front foot and then stretchyour back round down your back leg andreach up towards your top arm that’llfeel pretty good and then bring yourright hand to the outside of your rightfoot there and stretch all the waystraight up and then all the way overthe challenge here is to keep your kneebent over the front foot there and thenjust bring your back foot all the way upto meet the front one and just hang overyour legs there and then get ready toswitch sidesso just bending your knee down them backand bringing your hands up to your kneeand pushing in you forward stretch allthe way up and then just straighten yourback leg try to do it smooth as you canjust like it’s no big deal and then justtwist over to the side there and comeback all the way up and then start yourstraightening and bending one littletrick there is to keep your backhamstring pointed straight up instead ofkind of splitting out to the side or orin if you that’s your tendency so youwant to just keep it directly straightup and that will help keep you inalignment for all of these up and downbending and then just come into warriorone and then just start to repeat yourlunges and keep breathing keep yourshoulders parallel as well as your hipsso even when it gets really intense trynot to lose your form there and also tryto be soft in your form try not to griptoo much and have an angry look on yourface and then just open up into warriortwobring your back arm down your leg andstretch all the way up so I’m doing thisroutine a little bit faster than otherother kind of yoga series because it istargeted specifically for your bum andalso you want to kind of keep moving onthis to get your heart rate up so youwant to you know make it as ischallenging as you want it there andthen bring it all the way back this timeyou can just grab your calves there andstretch all the way over keeping yourhips straight upand then bend your knees and come intoeverybody’s favorite pose chair pose soyou’re sitting on a chair that’s notthere lots of fun for an extrachallenges try to go up on your toesthere and then come into a flat back andthen try to straighten your legs andmaybe don’t even touch the floor thereand then you can even grab your elbowsthere when you’re still on your toesit’s it’s fun and it’s fun to try tobalance this also has to do a lot withyour core strength so just reallypulling in and up in your stomach thereyou can do it and then just come backinto the chair pose again and come allthe way over your legs and then juststretch your left leg all the way backto a lunge and your right leg to meet itand come into plank pose and just holdus for a few breaths so your heart rateor pro v trying to race and the thetrick is to try not not to let yourheart race as much as it wants to so youcan control that with your breathing sojust really deep breaths you know trynot to get into that panic space like ohmy gosh this is really hard so just keepbreathing really long really deepbreaths this one I like to stretch yourright leg all the way up in the air andthen bend your knee and towards yournose and keep repeating that a few timesso that’s stretching out your butt yourback your hamstring and it’s alsoworking on your your abs there so youcan do this as many times as you wantand every time you reach back keep yourheel reaching back when you finish justopen up your hip there and take a nicestretch that’ll feel refreshing afterthat side and then just switch to theother side bringing your knee into yournose and stretching it all the way backout it’s almost like you’re lifting yourhamstring back straight up to theceiling like if you had a champagneglass on it or something and you didn’twant it to spill over and then just openup your hip there to get a nice littlestretch you come back in a downward dogreaching your heels back towards theground that’ll feel pretty niceand start to walk your feet all the wayback up to your hands hamstrings arefeeling pretty loose now and just grabyour calves there and pull yourself downagain and then just roll all the way upand bring your hands to your lower backand then stretch all the way up and justslightly back and come back up and thereyou have it.Yoga for your butt. .

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