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everyone so if you guys have ever hadtrouble getting our splits down or justneed some tips even if you’re a runner acheerleader a dancer these tips willdefinitely help you get your splits downin no timealso these tips are really great forpeople who get sore in their legs behindtheir knees and just like in any of thetendons in your legs then all thesestretches are like really good for youso if you guys have any more differentstretching you want like shoulders orthe back let me know and evenconditioning I could do videos on thatbut yeah this is just how do you splitsdown and just stuff like that the firstthing you want to do is know your goodside for me this is my right leg is theleg that is more flexible you’ll knowthis by usually if you right righthanded your right leg is more flexibleand vice versa if you right left handedthen your left legs more flexiblealright so the first thing you’re goingto do is hold a pike stretch this is astretch that is really going to stretchunder your knees and this is reallygreat if you feel when you’re doing yoursplits that there’s the most tighteningpool under your knees so you’re going tosit in a pike your legs completelystraight feet pointed and you’re goingto reach towards your toes and tuck yourhead in towards your knees let’s saythat stretch isn’t hard enough for youyou’re just going to bend your arms orreach or flex your feet up and pull yourfeet towards you and you should even beable to lift them off the ground okay sothe next stretch what we can do to getyour splits down is very simple if youonly need one leg you’re going to bendone leg in kind of like Indians down andthen the other leg is going to bestraight point your foot reach up reachover make sure your hips are turnedtowards the leg and then just reach twoto me and since I’m a little bit moreflexible on this leg I’m just going tobend my arms to make it harder I wouldsay wholly to stretch for about a minuteif you really want to work the muscleshard and then just switch legs turn upover downnow if you’re feeling tightness andpulling on this side you’re just goingto take your foot take your light andyour foot bring your leg to like an.Indian style position and your footshould be about as high as you can go onyour thigh and then you’re going to grabyour leg and just try to hug it towardsyour heart and you’ll really feelpulling on this side of your leg andthen switch legs and make sure you’realways keeping your feet pointed it justteaches you good form so just go as faras you can go you’re going to reach oneither side of your leg and pull towardsit with your face towards your knee upnumber especially if you’re gymnast thisjust keeps your form if you’restretching correctly and reach towardsthe middle try to get your chest to thefloor and keeping your head tucked init the last joke I like to do in theshow position is taking my right armputting it towards my opposite leg whichis my left so my right arm to my leftleg left arm goes up and towards theright leg and let’s say the stretchisn’t hard enough for you put your headon the groundand pull towards reach up and overopposite left arm towards my right legand my left arm and my hand are going toreach towards towards my left foot solet’s get into our splits the commonmistakeevery athlete seems to do like flexibleathlete they seem to do a lunge in thewrong position which is like this thisis not a lunge first they’ll have theirheel up their knee is past this is wrongyou don’t want to do this at all so thiswould be called my right leg split myright legs in front and it should behitting a 90 degree angle there’s likean angle if there’s like two heremy knee is not past my foot it’s notlike this it’s just straight up and downand my hips are pressing towards theground you’re really going to feelstretch right hereso you’re going to hold this positionhave your chest in an upright positionand hold it for about 20 seconds takeyour left arm the arm that is by yourleg and pull this towards you and stillholding that 90 degree angle you shouldlike make a shape of an N and now you’regoing to put your hands on either sideof your leg and your face towards yourknee and then just slide down the twoslits malecon mistake a gymnast a danceror even to later mix is they turn outthis bottom knee and they think they’rein their splits to make sure you are inform like a straight line you should doyour splits on a straight line to makesure you’re in a square position that’scalled squaring your hips so make sureyour knee is underneath you should feelpull over here to lift your hands up. Square yourself out your note you’rewrong if you’re facing this way eventhis way you should face completelytowards your leg and try to get yournose to your knee that’s how you know ifyour hips are square now let’s say youwant a harder stretch lift your back legand hold that for a little bit alrightwe’re just going to switch our legs thisis for you lefties out there we’re goingto take your left leg put it in front ofyou lunge make sure you’re hitting a 90degree angle hold this for a few secondsyou’re going to switch this time myright arm is going to grab my right legand pull towards straight your leg andlean towards really make sure each armis on either side of your leg and thenyou’re going to sign to your slings nowas you can see for these boys I am NOTfully down so what you can do is you caneither lift your arms over your head andif that hurts too much you can eitherput one hand on your leg and one otherhand and a fist on the floor but hardlytouching now doing the opposite legyou’ll feel a little bit off balancelike you won’t feel squared your hipswon’t feel inline but it will slowly fixthem get like thanks more flexible youget yeah that’s pretty much all thestretching tips I have for you guys umyes they’re going to hurt if it doesn’thurt you know you’re not stretching hardenough and plus I think of it the morepain the more gain so the more it hurtsthe better your the stretch you’regetting just make sure it’s not hurtingso bad to where you can cry because youcan pull muscles so be careful but pushyourself so you can get them downalright thanks for watching guys bye. .

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