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Grow Taller


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alright so for those of you who arestill growing want to get taller and forthose of you guys who just want to getbigger stronger I mean obviously there’smany benefits to that arm there’s a hugegenetic component but we also have a lotof control so like for example with thewith height if you know someone ismalnourished as they grow up they don’tgrow to be very tall if someone isextremely well fed they might grow up tobe very tall so for that as we grow forheight we actually have some amount ofcontrol over it and a lot of it is dietright for those of us whose growthplates are set up we can you know kindof control our size right and being leanand having functional muscle is good butalso having mass is good because youhave more to work with and you can bestrong and and be strong right so likethat’s something to think aboutpeople always still say that you knowheight is purely genetic and there’s agenetic component but we have someamount of control and for something likebasketball height is really importantand we have some amount of control butwe have a short time period you know wegrow until we’re like very early 20s youknow a lot of us stop growing or likeeighteen or something like that sothat’s something to think about arm andit really comes down to how much food wecan eat I feel like the more food we caneat the better like especially if you’regrowing and or training you know growingup or out whatever if you’re trainingvery hard you can’t really eat too muchfood uh you you can’t just like if youeat too much food what’s going to happenare you going to get fat if you’retraining constantly no I don’t thinkthat’s going to happen you’re going toget bigger in some way if you’re growingyou’re going to get taller but you knowif you’re an older guy or whateveryou’re going to grow out also and getstronger or at the very least you canmaintain that same size byhave a higher activity level right youcan do more workouts but stay at thesame size so there’s a huge benefit toeating more as for eating more um Ifigured I’ll talk about kind of thescience of how it works a little bit andtalk about one of the masters maybeyou’ve heard of Kobayashi Victor of youheard of Kobayashi one of the mostfamous competitive eaters in the worldyeah Kobayashi is this Japanesecompetitive eater he’s absurd he atelike 48 hot dogs in 12 minutes orsomething like that with the bun withthe buns 48 bonds he’s also very veryfit very strong trains very hard and Istudied this guy cuz it’s like how doeshe eat so fast and he you know chaseseverything with water which is somethingthink about but like basically the wayit works is roughly you know it’s notexactly like this but this is basicallyhow it worksfrom our first bite we have 15 minutesuntil we’re full right it’s somethinglike that it might not be 15 minutes butbasically it’s not how much you eat buthow fast you eat your body is just goingto from when you start eating eventuallyafter a time duration send a signal toyour brain that you are full so if youeat slowly you just won’t be able to eatvery much because you’ll have eaten Xamount by the time your body sends thatsignal if you eat a lot you eat veryfast you’ll be able to eat a ton by thetime that signal sets off so on that’show these competitive eaters are able todo it I mean they’re only eating for 10or 15 minutes so yeah so they’re notgetting full anyways it’s just aconstraint of how fast they can eat andhow fast they eat has a lot to do withgetting all your food in front of you atonce you know you’re not ruining yourappetite by eating before you just getall your food in front of you and yougot your fork and everything and youyou wear what you need to wear you takeyour sweatshirt off if you need to dothat get your water in front of youbecause you’re able it being drinkingwater as you eat food lets you chew lessbasically eat faster so you can consumemore so that’s basically how it goes Imean the quality also quality of diet isalso important because if you eat abunch of garbage that you’re intolerantto and you’re shitting out diarrhea allthe time then you’re not you know that’sconference orbit yeah exactly we’re notabsorbing the nutrients are nutrients inthat food exactly so diet quality isimportant I mean there’s lots of ways tobe healthy and eat healthy like meatvegetables fruit rice whatever that’skind of what I preach but whole point iswe have a lot of power over our growthwhether we’re growing our muscles overgrowing our bones so that’s something tothink aboutfor those of you guys who are youngerand still growing and you want to gettaller you want to have the bestbasketball features you can that’ssomething to think about you guys havecontrol so if you have any questions getat me calcium is a huge thing as wellcalcium bone develop.Kalinin because I mean I’m I’m like anoticeable amount bigger than my brotheryeahfor instance and they only the onlydifference that I can tell between ourdiets and we grew up in the house wasthat I would drink about a half gallonof milk a dayyeah hardly I drank a lot of milk aswell and I I’m uncertain on it there’slike new research that pops up that’sbeen popping up all right says it’s wackor whatever right who knows I’m not Idon’t want to like necessarily get toomuch into like technical specifics ofwhat you should eat because the scienceon that is always changing right but Imean basically the general idea is justyou can we have some amount of controlover how tall we’re going to end bigwe’re going to be exactly and we justneed to eat a lot of food to do thatyeah I hope you find that useful. .

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