How To Grow Taller For Men At After 20 Years Old With Stretching Exercises At Home

Grow Taller

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today I want to show you a staticstretching routine stretching routinewould be done at the end of your work upit’s a nice way to cool down some lengthback in those muscles that you justshowed up from your weight training sothis could be done after your weighttraining or even after your cardiosession when you’re nice and warmed upagain so the static stretching is alwaysdone at the end of the work up so I’mjust going to show you the stretches onone side you would obviously do bothsides if we’re doing one leg at a timeokay so let’s get saddling the first onefirst one’s a hamstring stretch okay I’mgoing to keep your right leg down flatand grab the back of the left side andthen nice and he’s going to straightnote that knee pull your toes downtowards your head nice things you’regoing to bend the knee take that legback up again you need straight aspossible get a stretch right here in theback of your thigh next stretch is goingto be for your hips or your muscle inyour in your hip you do is cross theleft ankle over the right knee you’regoing to reach in and grab the rightside and pull that thigh right intowards you you should feel the stretchright here on the side of your hip youcan back off slightly and then pull itback in again if you can’t reach becauseof your length of your arms or your legsyou can use a strap or you can use atowel to pull back in okay next I’mgoing to show you is for your mid backand your hip so what you’re gonna take aleft foot in together and cross it overyour right knee and you want to turn andpush in on this side and try to twistthat upper back I’m going to show you inthe opposite side so you can see mybacks and I’m going to take my rightfoot put it to the outside of my leftknee I’m going to push back in on myright thigh and then I’m going to turnand look over we get a stretch kind oftwist that mid back okay next stretchseated slows with your feet together upnice and tall nice knees you’re going tolean forward get a stretch right herethese inner thighs and those groinmuscles back off slightly and then leanit again you want to breathe out asyou’re leaning into your stretchesand a nice and easy back I’m going to dothe quads front your legs and the hipflexors down here with this position tryto keep your hip nice and flat throughhere get a reach back grab an ankle pullit right in towards your hips feel thestretch in the front of your thigh niceand easy like if again if you can’treach back this far you can do it from aside lying position try to keep thisnice and flat reach back grab the anklefrom here this is a lot easier positionto be in okay so right here in front ofthe thigh top of the thigh you shouldfeel the stretch two more stretches I’mgoing to show you I’m going to have yousit back on your heels nice and easy andtake those fingers you’re going to slidethem right out along the floor try toget a stretch right here on the side toyou back take a nice deep breath in andnice and easy breathe out and reallylean into that stretch trying to getthat head down right in between theshoulders and the arms lean right intoit and then relax and then from here andnow we’re going to do a tap camel uphere arms right underneath yourshoulders legs right underneath yourhips nice and easy going to let youspine drop in and then try to round outthat upper back nice and easy let itdrop in and then round out that upperback five repetitions of that and roundup trying to mobilize those joints andis fine it’s a nice way to cool down thestatic stretching get some length backin those muscles again so again you wantto do your static stretching at the endof your workout good luck.


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