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hey guys how are you it’s Tara Stilesthis is our teen that’s great forbeginners to start to build strengthbalance flexibility and body awarenessit’s also great for anybody as a nicebasic refresher course so go ahead andsit up on your heels start to put yourattention on your breath nice long deepbreaths here sitting up tall keepingyour collarbones relaxed you’re going tobring your left hand to your right kneebringing your right fingertips behindyou sitting up nice and tall breathingaround a little easy twist here and justbring it back to middle and I try theother side so right hand to your leftknee same thing on the inhale sitting upnice and tall as you breathe outtwisting back around I’m going to bringboth fingertips behind you just pressingdown into your mat lifting your chest upfor a few breaths here and go and bringyourself back to the middle we’re goingto come on to all fours so hands niceand spread brace right on your shouldersknees right under your hips and do somebreathing years it was inhale look allboy up arching your spine and as youexhale just going to round all the waydown this is really easy cat cow posewarming up your body inhaling our childwould try to really match the movementsto your breath here as you breathe outrounding all the way down tucking yourchin in toward your chestand again just inhaling archinghallelujah and as you exhale roundingall the way down and I seehere and gently bring yourself all theway back to the middle you’re going tostretch your left leg back behind you soyour toes point down your hips are niceand square lift in the back of your legup to the ceiling and if you want youcan extend your right arm forward herethis engages your core those lots ofstrength and balance and just go aheadand place your hand and you back downand try the other side to stretch yourright leg out back of your leg liftingright up to the ceiling the key to thisone is to keep energy reaching out tothe back heel and extend it out to thehand that will keep you nice andbalanced and bring it back down one moretime your side left leg all the way upright arm forward a couple easy breathsholding a little longer this timekeeping your breath steady even if itgets a little challenging in your bodylong deep breaths is the way to go andlast one on the other side right legback left arm forward a few long deepbreaths herekeep reaching after that back heel alittle bit of effort goes a long waybring it all the way back down we’regoing to come into a downward dog niceand slow so tucking your toes start toreach your hips up and back behind yousinking your shoulders down to a mat youcan pause and every little step of theway reaching it all up and back a littlefurther and then if you want to walkyour feet back even more each and yourheels down toward the ground you get anice opening in the backs of your legsand your shoulders and this is yourdownward dog so staying here for a fewlong deep breaths and you’re just goingto roll yourself out to a plank posejust the top of your push up positionheresome budget going to ease your kneesdown to the ground if you like or youcan keep your toes tucked and be in onestraight line hereso either way plank pose just keepingyour core engagedkeeping the backs of your legs liftingup to the ceiling knees up your kneesdown is perfectly good and I’m going tobend your elbows halfway down grazingyour ribs pushing right back up you cando this with the knees up or knees downeither way go ahead and Bend again rightdown halfway right back up try to pushup with your stomach instead of yourshoulders so your body is going to stayin one straight line just like a boardand all the way up even if this is alittle challenging to just try to stickwith it the more you do this stuff themore strength you build if you want totry with the knees up that’s fine toobending down and up supposed to be alittle bit challengingpushing your edge here if anything hurtstoo much just back off a little you cantake a break and come back in to loweryourself all the way down to the groundstart to roll your shoulders down yourback coming into little Cobra here liftyour hands above the ground just an inchhere going to interlace your handsbehind you you’re just going to pullyour hands for the back of you lift yourlegs off the ground just an inch or sogluing your thighs togetherletting your chest and collarbones beeasy breathing here for a few breathsand go to and lower yourself all the waydown resting your forehead down gentlypress your palms firmly to not pickyourself back up either knees up orknees down whatever works for you andthen just simply lift your hips andpress back to your downwarda few reps here I’m just going to walkyour feet all the way up toons go niceand slow at this a lot of yoga is justteaching you how to pay attention towhat’s going on with your body and inyour mind so walking it nice and slowhere dropping if you do as you go onceyou make it up go and grab a hold yourelbows at your head and down for breathand jumping roll yourself all the way upto standgo ahead and breathe the arms all addedup nice and tall and you’re just goingto bend your knees this is your chairpose here’s your sitting on your chairjust happens not to be thereso hanging here for a few breaths buttonpress your palms together going to takea twist here so bring your left elbow tothe outside of your right knee reallypress your top palm into your bottomhome to open your chest all the way upto the ceiling leave here for a few easybreaths and gently bring it all the wayback to the middle you’re going to trythe other side press your palms togetherright elbow to the outside of your leftknee same thing really pressing downwith that top palm lengthening out fromyour lower back all the way at the topof your head a few breaths here I’mgoing to bring it all the way back up toyour chair pose slowly straighten thelegs enjoy the sensation in your thighsor if you’ve got a little burning that’sa good sign and then breathe yourselfall the way over your legs inhaleyourselves just simply up to a flat backon your fingertips and press your palmsdown step yourself back to your plankpose your push up push up position herea couple easy breaths go and ease yourknees down to the ground start to bendyour elbows you’re going to put yourchest down on the ground your chin downon the groundsome nice opening for the body they’regonna roll your shoulders down your backextend your chest through your armslower yourself down go to tuck your toespush yourself all back the Sun to achild’s pose so hips just rest on yourheels there and you just simply extendyour legs back up to your downward dogkeep your breathing nice and easy hereand simply step your right foot rightbetween your hands try to lift it up asmuch as you can as you go so you don’tthud it forward and ease your back kneedown to the ground bring your fingertipsright under your shoulders a niceopening for the Front’s of the hipsthere take a few long deep breaths goahead and plant your fingertips backdown tuck your back toes straighten yourback blade and just pick the foot upbring it back to your downward dogevening things out here and then pickthe left foot all they’ve been forwardright between your hands and may take afew steps to get there that’s fine youcan even grab your ankle and bring itforward you’re going to use your backknee downsame thing fingertips right under yourshoulders just let your breathingevery time we breathe out a lot of yourbody just to release more tension herethe more you do this stuff the more yourbody opens up and the better it willfeel and then simply start to walk yourfeet all the way back up to your handsagain taking your time dropping you feelas you go till you make it all the wayup over your legs keeping your headheavy gently roll yourself all the wayup to Sandri arms all the way I know acouple easy breaths lifting your chestand exhale all the way back over yourlegs then your knees slightly step yourleft leg all the way back to a nice lowlunge here this time going to turn yourback heel down and bring yourself allthe way up so hips and shoulders arespread to your front reach your arms upto your ceiling this is your warrior oneyou’re going to hang here for a few easybreaths and then coming into a warriortwo so your front knee bends right overthat front foot arms press down nice andfirmly you’re just looking gently overyour front hand your arms are activelypressing down like you’re moving thearea where with your arms I’m going totry a triangle here so it’s gentlystraighten your front leg leading withyour right side bring your right handdown either to your shin or fingertipsdown to the ground just leaning backlike you’re leaning on a wall here youcan reach your top arm back behind youpull yourself all the way back up andthen sink that and right back down yourwarrior I’m going to plant your palms firmlydown to the ground and you’re going tojust bring your back foot all the way upto meet your front foot come back toyour forward bend and we’ll try theother side so step your right foot allthe way back nice low lunge and bringyour back heel down to the ground yourtoes are going to point slightly out tothe side reach your arms up so your hipsare forward your shoulders are forwardand also relaxed on your backs is a lotgoing on we just want to keep yourbreath nice and easyand just open your body up to yourwarrior two pressing your palms firmlydown gently looking over that front handfew easy breaths here I’m going tostraighten the front leg lean all theway over that left side this timebringing that hand down to your shin orfingertips down to the ground good andlook all the way up that’s half handslike you’re leaning on a wall herekeeping your breath nice and long as yougo and reach your top arm back behindyou pull yourself all the way back upand sink the hips right back down yourbring your fingertips back down to theground step that back foot all the wayback up to your front foot round overit’s your forward foldgently roll yourself all the way up tostand one notch at a time keep the armsgoing all the way on up nice liftthrough the ribs this time press yourpalms firmly together right in front ofyour chest here and go to that your armsgo down and you’re done great job.


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